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Halo Flashlight

Price: $99.95


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If there is such thing as an "ADVENTURE FLASHLIGHT", then this is it!! This little bad boy puts out a WHOPPING 800 LUMENS and is rechargeable.  The Halo will pay for itself in no time from the savings on batteries alone as compared to other "high end" expensive non-rechargeable flashlights that use expensive A123 batteries and put out a FRACTION of the light.

A 10W LED combined with an all aluminum reflector - this is a great all around flashlight. Nice wide light pattern but still enough throw, 1000' on the highest setting. Comes with 1 (18650) rechargeable battery with a compact multi-function 12V/110 wall charger. About the same length as a Mini Maglite but almost 10x the light output.

This Flashlight has 5 modes:

  1. High - 800 Lumens
  2. Medium - 500 lumens
  3. Low - 200 Lumens
  4. Strobe
  5. SOS Strobe in Morse Code

Full Charge run time (High) - 1:45


  • Head Diameter - 1.6"
  • Length - 5.03"
  • Weight - 4.5oz without batteries
  • Additional batteries are available.

BDCW Review:  I seldom go ANYWHERE without this flashlight.  It is absolutely amazing.  You could use it as a back-up headlight if your motorcycle malfunctions.  Everyone that sees the light output from the compact light in person instantly wants one.  I have tossed all my old, HUGE searchlights and the Halo is now my "go to light" for any situation.  Compact, rugged, and rechargeable - just AWESOME!  Perfect for those long winter nights in north Idaho.

"I liked it so much, I got my own!" Martha, Co-owner

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