Package - BRP Complete Damper Kit (KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV)

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Package - BRP Complete Damper Kit (KTM 1090/1190/1290 ADV)

Ditch that wimpy stock stabilizer (or damper) for the high performance BRP/Scotts set-up. You will be glad you did! We have run this kit on our 1190R and our 1290SA and we attest there is a noticeable difference! With this high speed, high horsepower machines, this product can definitely save your hide!


Scott's Performance Stabilizer Kits are for those of you who are looking to significantly improve the performance and stability of the rockin' KTM 1090 / 1190 / 1290 Adventure series motorcycles, in addition to improving comfort with their rubber isolation mounts which reduces vibration. The stock damper is marginal at best and way undersized in our opinion, making it a mediocre solution.

We run a Scott's Damper on every bike we own—not only does it improve stability, but it's a HUGE safety benefit that has saved our bacon several times. A no-brainer upgrade!

The BRP Sub-Mount "Scotts Under Bar" Mount is the latest in stabilizer mounting options and is a very popular setup for GPs, motocross, off road and riders of taller stature. The Sun-Mount is designed to run 1-1/8-inch ProTaper style handlebar and mount a Scotts Stabilizer below the handlebar replacing the bar mount assembly on the stock triple clamp.

The Sub-Mount setup offers several benefits over a conventional "above bar" stabilizer setup:

  • Increased high-speed stability, especially on the highway and high speed off-road conditions
  • Bar position is 38mm higher and 13mm forward of the stock location, eliminating the need for a separate bar riser for most riders
  • Reduced risk of injury by coming into contact with stabilizer

BRP also offers their Rubber Mounted SUB "Scotts Under Bar" Adapter (MTD) which uses (8) Poly-Urethane bushings to isolate vibration and reduce rider fatigue by softening the harsh spike of hitting square edge rocks and obstacles. This kit is ideal for riders looking to decrease the vibration but don't want to add the Scott's Stabilizer at the same time. The stabilizer can always be added later.


  • When running a Scotts stabilizer in the Sub-Mount configuration the arm will need to be reversed mounted.
  • Using a lower bend bar can often emulate the stock bar height. 
  • The large knob pictured is an upgrade option and not included in the standard kit.
  • The sub-mount is available with and without the Scott's Steering Stabilizer. If you are using an existing stabilizer, this kit requires a longer +8 link arm in the reverse position.