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Instructional video

Jason Houle demonstrates the simplicity of an oil change with the BDCW skid plate.

youtube logoInstructional video: How to install BDCW footpegs on your KTM.
This is an instructional video that shows how to install Black Dog Cycle Works' platform-style footpegs on the big enduro KTMs. The BDCW footpegs provide you with more control and comfort—like adding power steering to your bike.
A size comparison chart of the BDCW platform-style footpeg against the stock versions of the BMW GS bikes. Very informative! BDCW’s footpegs are available for BMW GS-series as well as KTM’s big enduros.

youtube logoInstructional video: How to install a BDCW skid plate on your BMW F800.
A quick walk-through for installing BDCW's F800 skid plate, that also shows the ease of removal for maintenance or oil changes. Serious armor for your adventure bike.