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Riders talk about why they depend on BDCW (Text and Photos)

“We’re truly humbled that so many of you take the time to let us know how they feel about our company, products and customer service. You confirm our belief that doing business on the internet does not need to be impersonal.”—Kurt and Martha Forgét

 “I'll be putting my 9-year-old Black Dog to the test yet again this upcoming weekend in Baja. This thing is a beast. The dents and deep scratches tell their own tale. One that says any other skid plate would be dead by now. Along with my cases.”

Charles Walter


 “If you've not already done so, check out the BDCW's KTM skid plate with side stand relocation kit. It makes the side stand more stable (and also prevents the side stand from damaging your engine case in a crash).”

Kevlar930 (ADVRider)

“I received my skid plate yesterday and gave it a thorough examination. I’m a practical hands-on engineer with over 30 years in the Merchant Marines. I can fabricate and weld, so I critiqued your product upon arrival. I was quite impressed and pleased. While the price was hefty the quality is there. I (and most) will pay for a quality product made here in our country. It’s actually a piece of art. The welds are neat, clean and full length on both sides, the Shok-Blok is attached with a nylon lock nut, the Black Dog emblems are pretty and good quality, and the paint job is cool. Overall, it’s a quality sturdy piece of equipment.

“So, three cheers for you guys and keep up the good work. Please do not cut quality or product outcome to increase your market share or bottom line. Continue to build everything as if you were in your garage building it for your own bike. We will pay for you to put out the best product you can. If you can do that and continue your personalized quality customer service.... ‘If you build it we will come.’”

Craig L. Feldmann, 2006 950 Adventure

John Kirkeide

“Me and two buddies traveled the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) in the fall of 2013. We all rode BMW R1200GS/GSA bikes. Each of us was equipped with the Black Dog skid plates. I can state for an absolute fact that there would have been no way we would have returned from this trip with conventional skid plates. Our skid plates held up to numerous encounters with rocks and boulders. Too many times to count I bounced off rocks on the center skid plate. The only casualty was I lost some mounting hardware for the center stand guard. Thank you for building such a robust product. It is definitely of high-quality and worth the price.”

John Kirkeide

“Your 990 bash plate sure does the job. Cased the bike a couple of time last weekend and bounced off the Goler Wash steps the weekend before—you guys make great stuff. Here’s a little snippet from our last trip.”

Todd Richards

“With every day being a 500+ mile off road day, Dakar training and riding takes its toll on you and your body. Having Black Dog Cycle Works develop foot pegs for our Honda race bike is a godsend. The stock pegs hurt after a few hours, and affect your riding after days on the pegs. These BDCW pegs let me stand for the entire day, day after day. They’re huge, and indestructible, but more importantly, they’re no heavier than the stock pegs. Thanks Guys!”

Kevin Muggleton, Dakar Racer, owner of Redverz Gear

“I’m very impressed by both the design and finish of these pegs, and am looking forward to standing on them. I’ve got CJ’s peg extensions on my SE and Duke. Nice kit, no doubt, but this is the next step.”

Bob Stallard, CA

 “Hi and thank you!! You guys are knocking it out of the park—old fashioned Customer Service. Awesome. Thanks!”

Pierce Ferriter

“Thanks for the update on the installation instructions for the side stand relocation kit for the KTM Adventure. I purchased one of these kits from you about a month before the KTM rider rally in Steamboat Springs. Turns out when I installed my kit I had already decided to reverse the direction of the M10x180M bolt you describe in the update. When I did this I looked carefully and decided the bolt should go in from the clutch side to reduce the chance of interference with the side stand itself. I double-checked it today to be sure. Certainly the bolt is stronger in this direction as you described. Good to have follow up on products, you guys are great.

“I still love the large pegs and the KTM dealer in Santa Fe is still having skid plate envy... ha-ha!!”

Juan R Baldonado, Sr., Los Alamos, New Mexico 

“I had the opportunity to try out the Enduristan Tornado Dry Bag (size XL) in August, 2013, while guiding the Continental Divide Ride for RawHyde Adventures. Shortly before the trip, my big box store dry bag failed me miserably on a three-day ride in Mexico. I ended up with a bag full of soaked clothing and a cold, soggy ride. With no time to shop around, I borrowed a friend’s Tornado Dry Bag and set off from Southern California for 14 days and 3,300 miles of riding. A couple days into the journey, we encountered an EPIC Montana thunderstorm, complete with pouring rain and hail. When I reached our camp that night, everything in the Enduristan Tornado Dry Bag was perfectly dry and clean. Throughout the remainder of our trip, the bag never failed to impress and exceeded all expectations. Everything remained dry and dust free! The Enduristan Tornado Dry Bag is a great piece of travel gear.”

John Kirkpatrick (Instructor/Guide RawHyde Adventures)


“I wanted to forward a few photos of the BDCW skid plate (for the R1200GS LC). Took about 20 minutes to completely install it. Easy-peasy. Take a look at the size of the stock PLASTIC skid plate compared to the BDCW.


  1. It covered the catalytic converter
  2. Two bolts and it's off
  3. Easy to get ahold of a human at BDCW, and
  4. American made... I like when our guys are getting the work, not built and assembled in China.”

Mark Holloway (ADVRider post)



 Radek Burkat's skidplate failure

While riding the Rubicon Trail near Lake Tahoe, Radek Burkat and friends experienced a skid plate failuare resulting in catastrophic damage to a KTM 990 motor casing. Here are photos to illustrate what happened. 

“All mounted up and good to go. Love your stuff! Haven’t been able to break your bash plate yet. And I have tried!”

—Ken Newcomb

BDCW’s NEW lowered footpegs for the R1200GSA (1/2” of extra leg room!)

“Rode the bike to work this morning on the dirt roads in the rain. They are NICE. Lots of grip, and no more fumbling around to find the peg with my arch while catching the brake at the same time. The added surface area gives you more options for foot placement too. I don’t notice much difference while standing, but they do feel better on the knees. Great product-worth the wait. This is my third purchase from you guys. Skid plate and center stand protector are the best out there—by far. These pegs are the same quality in my book.”

—David Len


“I appreciate all the great customer service. The products are bombproof also! You know they have to be if I am going to try and follow Bret around! Thanks again for everything.”

—Paul Solomonson, Puget Sound Safety Instructor

“Have to let you know how much I like your product. I just came back from Max BMW GS Rally. Great around Hunter mountain course. Last year it stripped the stock skid plate. This year I just bashed my way through the ride without any damage, just a big grin.”


—John Carney


“Just want to let you know I am very happy with the products I bought for my new R1200 GS—the bash plate is excellent. My 3,000 kilometre trip in Queensland was all good. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere in Australia. Attached is a photo of my bike on my recent ride in Outback Queensland.”

—Peter Keating

“Love the BDCW products, use the bash plates on both the KTM and the Beemer!”

John Welsch


“Got yourself the new BMW R1200GS LC? Take a look at this photo and see what we use to protect our bike. The BDCW ‘Ultimate Skid Plate,’ which earned its legendary status with the outgoing GS and GSA is just as tough for the new Water-Boxer. It’s been tested on Colorado’s toughest GS trails and here in AZ....’nuff said. The Hepco-Becker crash bars, available from BDCW, are working great too as indicated by the scuff marks. We are extremely pleased with the protection combo. Thank you BDCW.”

—GS Riders of GO AZ BMW (from FB posting)

“Hey guys just reporting back on some excellent customer service which deserves praise. I bought a set of LED Hyperlites from Black Dog Cycle Works nearly a year ago and noticed recently that one module has gone down. I’m overseas in the U.K. and had a bit of trouble getting hold of Hyperlites initially. One email to Kurt at Black Dog and within an hour I heard back from him to say he had made contact with them on my behalf and they would be sending out a warranty replacement. It’s now on it's way to me thanks to Joyce at Hyperlites. It's great when suppliers respond to their customers like this. Thanks you both!”

Zeropoint via ADVRider (2011 KTM 990 Adventure)


“My black dog (Macy) sure likes the new skid plate for my 990. It fit perfect. A nice piece of craftsmanship. Thanks.”

—Tracy Mackenzie

“Awesome skid plates! I just wanted to drop a quick note, I ordered a BDCW skid plate for a BMW F700GS not too long ago and it arrived super-fast—I had it installed in no time. That same day, I was making my way through the concrete jungle and introduced myself to a curb, which ended up being a bit of a ledge, slamming right into the new skid plate. It was so loud and forceful that I was sure the new skid plate and everything it protects were damaged. But, after a thorough inspection EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT! No damage. I couldn't believe it, and was just utterly impressed!

“But, here is where the story gets frustratingly interesting! A week or so later, after riding from El Paso to Los Angeles, I found MY bike... the new liquid cooled R1200GS in a LOW... of course I had to have it! Ha-ha! Anyway, moral of the story is that even though I just purchased the skid plate for the F700, I will soon be—without a doubt—ordering the skid plate for the 1200GS LC as soon as I am able.

“Your products and just great, simple, and reliable products. Thanks, and keep up the awesome work!”

—H. Stilgenbauer

“Parcel arrived today here in New Zealand. Great service yet again. I’ve fitted your KTM oversize footpegs and they look great. Really handy having the locator  pin as part of the kit, it made installation easy, 15 minutes to fit both. Can’t wait to get out at the weekend and try them out (they look big enough to land a helicopter on!).”

—Brent Smithies

“Everything is installed on my bike from BMW of Utah (Sandy, Utah). You have no idea how happy I am about my purchase!  I’m at work and still freaking out! I pointed it down my street last ‘night’ and the beam went so much further than I expected it to go by hundreds of feet, literally! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! There isn’t a video online that really shows the light strength that the lights really put out! I was hoping the light was going to be impressive, and I was surprisingly shocked how my expectations were exceeded!”

Tom S. Proctor


“Your footpegs are awesome. Your pics on the website don't do them justice. Attached a pic that should be included.”

Evan Hill




“After the New River Canyon ride I knew I needed to do some maintenance on my BDCW skid plate. The two mounts at the front of the motor were bent and I had spares so I figured lets swap them out. Jason was installing a new BDCW skid plate for a buddy so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to compare a new one with a slightly ‘abused’ one.“The thing that really stuck out to Jason and I was that as beat up and ugly looking my ‘abused’ skid plate was, it still was working exactly as it was designed to. That’s the beauty (in the eye of the beholder, remember?) of this skid plate. It's taken its share of dings and wallops from rocks, boulders, etc., but, it keeps on ticking! The pictures really show you how it is still structurally sound. You can see that the two front mounts did exactly what they are supposed to do... collapse under great force so they spread the impact.

“The replacement of these front mounts is easy. I recommend that you keep spares on hand just in case you encounter a big boulder. My BDCW skid plate is approximately 15 months old and it’s been abused. Its the single-most important piece of protection I have on my GSA (BMW R1200GS Adventure). Without it, my GSA would probably still be stuck on Dugas Road, with it I have taken on some of the hardest trails a GSA can tackle.”

Mick Williamson, AZ (GS Riders of GO AZ BMW)




“Thanks for the great customer service. I can’t wait to get this thing [BDCW skid plate]. Did you see the pictures? That was about 50 miles from any real road and 75 miles from the smallest town on a pass near Death Valley (Mengel Pass, top of Goler Wash, near Barker Ranch). In the pictures you'll see the ripped off [competitor’s name removed] skid plate and filleted oil filter below. It didn't even feel like much as I hit a rock then rode for a few feet before I heard my engine get louder due to the lack of oil.”

Justin Mank

“I’ve tried and tried to tear up that skid plate. Kurt got it right for sure!”

Bill Dragoo



“This thing is tough. It continues to take a beating!  Riding along with the Dakar seems to put it to the test.”

Bill Whitacre (with Jim Hyde at the 2013 Dakar)


“The lights are on the bike. It is the best upgrade I made on this bike. Incredible night vision. Now it’s safe to go to my night shift. I’ve sent you pictures of the finished installation. Everything went great... very good fit with the brackets. I made my friend jealous. ;-) Thanks again.”

Pascal Giguere, Brazil



“I promised you guys I would forward along some photos of the Rigid LEDs mounted up on my Ducati Multistrada. The lights are crazy bright and throw a pattern that easily overwhelms my factory headlights, yet does not bother cars too much.”

Blair Piersall



“Thank you for the great work at Black Dog CW, you are the best. My next trip is in April, we are going up into Botswana, Zambia and back down to Namibia, I can't wait!”

—Rudolf Brits, South Africa

“Thanks again for your consideration to ship the rest of the order out. That's why I have your website on my bookmarks toolbar! Will you be hosting your summer 'sleepover' again this year?”

—Mark Snyder, MT

“First let me say that you guys have been awesome to deal with! You’ve answered my questions in a very timely manner and now making an effort to save me some cash, I’m very happy. I’ll be ordering more parts from you guys as soon as I can afford them.”

—Todd W., Aptos, CA

“I got my order and I totally love it!!!! Will be placing my next orders with you as well.”

—Flori S., Whitefish, MT

“THANKS! This is the FASTEST shipping after the order was received that I’ve EVER seen! I look forward to receiving my throttle lock. Will recommend you to friends!”

—Jo Anne D., Arnold, MO

“I just installed the throttle (G2) tamer. All I can say is WOW! A whole new bike! Thrilled! Thank you so much for telling me about this. Very, very, happy. A good deal at twice the price!”

—Zip S., Novato, CA

“Thank You Kurt. FYI—the Super Enduro rack is an outstanding engineering masterpiece. Will continue to eye all of your products in future.”

—Gary W., Houston, TX

“Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product. Last month I bought a skid plate from you for my 990 because of what Nedro and many other have said. This weekend I beat the shit out of my bike at the Adventure Riders Challenge. I got 2nd place in the team challenge. Rocks as big as small cars—yup, I bashed ’em. Logs bigger around than you—yup, I high entered on them. Bike kept on rolling. The 15 torn off GS skid plates didn’t get so lucky. LOL. Keep up the good work.”

—Paul, Santa Clara, CA

“Items received in perfect condition. Perfect fit.”

—Philippe P., Quebec, Canada

“Thanks for the amazing skid plate and the tip about the kickstand!”

—Kyle G., Boca Raton, FL

“Thanks Kurt. You da man!”

—Chris R., Mountain Home, ID

“You’re on my permanent ‘buy from these guys in the future’ list. Was a pleasure speaking with you and thanks for the super-fast service.”

—Mico N., New York, NY

“Just a line to tell you I like my Kriega R15, a lot. Got it from you last summer for a dual-sport trip thru the Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain Wilderness area in NW, CA. Was leary at first, never rode with a backpack before but after a while never knew it was there. Good gear.”

—Don S., Scio, OR

“Thank you, you guys run a great place. It is easy for me to recommend you to all my adventure friends.”

—Bob B., Bunkerville, NV

“They are one of the most customer service-oriented companies I have ever dealt with and I cannot say a single neutral thing, never mind bad thing, about Black Dog or their products. You will not be disappointed in what you buy or the process you go through to purchase it.”

—Nick M., Israel

“Kurt provided the most friendly and helpful service I have had in quite a while. He was willing to work with me on my non-standard application—which we were able to make work splendidly. Five Thumbs Up!”

—Tom C., Franklin, TN

“My skid plate is awesome, prior to getting the Black Dog skid plate, I didn’t have the confidence to ride the SE over rough terrain they way it should be. Now I can take my SE anywhere without worrying about punching a hole in the plate and causing damage to my bike. Whether I am single-tracking the SE in the mountains or hammering through the Nevada desert, I have tested the Black Dog skid plate in all conditions and it has held up great without even a dent. With the rides I am used to, 300+ miles a day, I can’t afford to have anything but the best and the Black Dog skid plate gives me that extra comfort of traveling far from home without worrying about damage to my bike. It is easy to mount, clean and looks great. I recommend it to all of my riding partners with 950s, especially if they want to ride Dawn to Dusk.”

—Casey McCoy, former KTM Factory Dakar racer, Mammoth, CA

“Just wanted to say that I installed your skid plate on my 950 last night, and was very, very impressed by its fit, finish, and quality. Thank you for making such an excellent product—I wish all internet businesses held themselves to such high standards! Also, FYI, your skid plate provides the extra room (and plenty of it) required for the Facet fuel pump (it hits the stock plate)... a good solution for anyone installing the Facet.”

—Jeff Cavicchi

From ADV Threads

“Greats folks, fast shipping, cool products and they know their stuff. Kurt will go above and beyond to help you out. And his products are excellent. Can’t recommend Black Dog highly enough. Yep, Black Dog has earned my business from now on. I haven’t dealt with any other online business that gives such amazing service. Plus, I know I’m not just supporting a fellow American, but also a fellow motorcyclist that has managed to turn their passion into a business. I just want to tell you that your products worked well. The rear rack worked great, and it fits so nice on the bike. I like the look. So, thank you again for your offer and the response. It’s very good to know about vendors who care for their customers.”

—Sylvio, Switzerland

“I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful products you TEST and sell. I recently ordered your Side Stand Reinforcement Kit, Rear Brake Master Cover and The Billet/Scotts Triple-Crown Damper Kit, all for my KTM 950 SE. The order came through very quickly, the phone advice/service was knowledgeable and professional. However, the products are awesome! The Scotts Damper Triple-Crown Kit is a machined masterpiece. The well laid-out Instructions with clear photos and actual hands-on advice is easy-to-follow. It keeps the factory keylock and all other equipment exactly where they need to be. The motorcycle manufacturers really need to subcontract you guys out for their production bikes.”

—Andrew T., Camarillo, CA

“This is why customers keep coming back! Thanks so much for the effort to get the side stand mount to me on time, I really appreciate it and will be sure to make that known amongst my riding buddies and on the forums I go to.”

—Nick M,. Israel

“Sweet! Amazing what a new paycheck and a good martini can do!”

—Mike B., Knoxville, TN

“I sent BDCW an email last night... Kurt called me first thing this morning to resolve the issue. He couldn't have been more apologetic, genuine concern... it’s a wonderful thing. Kurt informed me that Rigid has found that some KTMs have a bit more noise in the electrical system than others, and this noise sometimes effects the LED light circuitry. Kurt stated that Martha runs these LEDs on her ’08 990 and has never had an issue, however, they had a customer with an ’08 990 that had the same issue I have. Kurt has already been in contact with Rigid to ship me new lights. Rigid is even gonna send my new lights first, then I’ll throw my originals in their pre-paid package to be returned to them on their dime. I don’t have to return mine and wait... SWEET!! Rigid has altered their production line to resolve this 'once in a while’ noise issue and are confident the new ones will totally resolve my issues. HUGE props to both BDCW and Rigid for handling this like they are. Sh!t happens, I understand that, how the vendor reacts when it happens means everything to me. I’m so confident that the folks at BDCW and Rigid will get this handled I ordered more of the Rigid line for my truck... love the stuff!! Thanks BDCW!!!”

—Trevor A., Queen Creek, AZ

“I ordered your 950 side stand bracket last week and I installed it this evening. I just want to say that it installed without a hitch and that I am very pleased with the product. I am using a Black Dog skid plate and this bracket just completes the combo. I will be recommending this product to other 950/990 owners.”

—Ken Hansen

 “I am so impressed with your service and the friendly reply from you and would like to say ‘Thank You’ for caring about your customers I will recommend you to all my biker friends and wish you well and I hope you have a Happy Christmas and New Year.”

—Francis D., New Zealand

“Thank you so much Martha. You guys are ON-THE-BALL! This is why I LOVE doing business with personal business owners!!!”

—Trevor A., Queen Creek AZ

“Just got my skid plate. Wow, that is service! Thanks. As usual it is a pleasure having you take my money.”

—Bob W., Irvine, CA

“Thank you for your shipment. All items came in as requested. Thank you for you fine service. If there is anything else that I need for my KTM 990 I will look you up first!”

—Curtis K., Clackamas, OR

“I have never been kept informed, or even helped out anytime I have ever bought tires or parts off the internet. I’m blown away and very appreciative off your effort. At the very least you have got a return customer for sure! The site will be my first stop for parts as well.”

—Chuck C,. San Antonio, TX