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MACHINE FINISH BDCW Platform Footpeg for the Honda CRF 250/450 R/X models. Available in standard or lowered heights, as well as anodized black or orange finishes. Photo compares Honda's stock with BDCW Platform Footpeg sizes.


Like adding power steering to your bike! There's nothing like the comfort and control of big, wide and grippy footpegs—that's why we call them Platform Footpegs.

Our Platform Footpegs for the CRF 250/450 series come in a Machine Finish and are 1/2-inch lower than standard heights. Please be sure to select your Honda model along with your options from our menus when placing an order.

   BDCW’s Exclusive Design for these Honda Models   

  • Honda CRF250R 2004–2011
  • Honda CRF250X 2004–2013
  • Honda CRF450R 2003–2005 / 2008–2011
  • Honda CRF450X 2005–2013

   Nuts, Bolts and Benefits   

  • Made from a tough aircraft alloy
  • Measures 2.5-inches wide x 4.5-inches long
  • 1/2-inch lower than stock for increased legroom and comfort.
  • Only 8 oz. each
  • Traction cleats around perimeter of peg
  • Enlarged size greatly improves control of bike—easily the most comfortable footpegs for stand-up riding
  • 10-minute install with our exclusive installation pin tool
  • Built in bottle opener on each peg!
  • Includes new springs, bushings, installation pin and cotter pins

   What Riders are Saying   

“NICE. Lots of grip and no more fumbling around to find the peg with my arch while catching the brake at the same time. The added surface area gives you more options for foot placement too. They’re  comfortable and a solid HUGE platform to stand on that’s awesome! Great product.”—David Lena, VT


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