BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (Honda AT & ADV Sport - 2018-2019)

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BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (Honda AT & ADV Sport - 2018-2019)

WHY EXPERTS LOVE THEM (and everyone else needs them)—

We’ve long been fans of oversized footpegs. The additional control and the increased comfort they give you while standing make the design a no-brainer for any serious rider. BDCW’s NEW TRACTION Footpegs are designed for those riders who prefer to tackle difficult terrain in all conditions. Sharp teeth greatly enhance traction in wet and muddy conditions while minimizing wear and tear on riding boots. For enhanced traction, threaded spikes are supplied to provide the ULTIMATE in wet weather traction.

We have no idea why Honda choose to rob the XR50 parts bin for footpegs for their new premier adventure bike, but after one ride and you will KNOW the stockers need to be replaced! Our footpegs are a MUST upgrade for the new Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sport!

The benefit of having your boot FULLY supported cannot be understated. In our experience, having your boot hang off the end of the peg just an inch severely compromises both comfort and control of the bike. Check out our photos to see the difference.  


These BDCW’s Traction Footpegs fit the following models:  

  • Honda Africa Twin 1000 Adventure Sport (2018-19)
  • Honda Africa Twin 1000 Standard (2018-19)

DOES NOT FIT THE 2016 / 2017 or the 2020 and newer MODELS!!!


We don't know what it is about Honda's approach to footpegs for their new adventure bikes, but they sure don't make things easy and why they feel TINY pegs are appropriate on a big bike that is designed to go off-road just plain baffles us. Their stock footpeg for the new Africa Twin Adventure Sport is no different.

Fortunate for us and our customers, we have quite a bit of experience designing the ULTIMATE footpegs for new bike models and we think customers will be very pleased with our new design for the ADV Sport. We don't take a generic tread design and slap a new mount on it. We look at each bike to determine how we can offer the absolutely BEST design possible.

For the new ADV Sport, we kept the tread of the peg tucked in as close to the frame as possible while still allowing the pegs to pivot upwards in case of a tip over. The BDCW Traction Footpegs for the new Africa Twin ADV Sport offers almost TWICE as much tread area to stand onallowing you to control the bike better and stand more comfortably, longer. All huge bonuses when putting these capable machines through the ringer.

If the pegs were any longer, they would stick out past most riders' boots, potentially causing clearance issues, hitting obstacles on the trail or grinding on fast asphalt corners. They are the RIGHT size in our opinion.

These pegs also include thread in TRACTION SPIKES for maximum traction in wet or muddy conditions. Concerned about your boots being chewed up prematurelythe solution is simple, leave them out! 


Enlarged Size
Our pegs are 2.375-inches wide x 3.25-inches long and only 6 oz each in weight. They greatly improves control of bike—its like adding power steering!

Greater Comfort
Standing up is so much less fatiguing with the large platform distributing your weight. Tread surface is almost TWICE that of the stock peg.

Optimized Ergonomics
Because we have extended the tread of the footpeg toward the frame of the bike, it fully supports the riders boot in the correct position. Other footpegs can force you to stand bowlegged while riding—reducing control and increase fatigue.

Ultimate in Traction and Control
Thread in spikes provide additional traction in wet or challenging conditions. These can be removed to reduce boot wear.

Superior Material and Design
These pegs are milled out of tough aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. We have added Traction cleats around perimeter of peg and removal threaded spikes for the ultimate in traction and control (removable to reduce boot wear).

Easy Installation
Install hardware provided, 5 minutes to install.

Made in the U.S.
No bones about it, we manufacture all of our Black Dog products right here in the U.S.—supporting the local craftsmen, materials and machinery. We have world class manufacturers in our own back yard and we are committed to supporting our local economy which is extremely important to us. We feel supporting the U.S. manufacturing base has never been more important.

Tested and Trusted Worldwide
All of our own products are rigorously tested on our personal bikes BEFORE they’re released. Our innovative and rugged designs are used throughout the world—a fact that we’re very proud of. We make no pretense that we’re the cheapest, but, you can be sure that BDCW products are the best made, and that we stand behind them.