BDCW - Heat Deflector Kit (KTM 1090/1190/1290)

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BDCW - Heat Deflector Kit (KTM 1090/1190/1290)

Black Dog has answered the call to rider complaints of getting their legs and backsides roasted while traveling in hot (or sometimes mild) weather. As shown in the thermal images (above), our four-piece heat deflector kit dramatically improves comfort.  

While any 150hp twin is going to produce a lot of heat, the BDCW Heat Deflector Kit definitely takes the burn out of enjoying this amazing machine.

We have designed the following features into our kit:

  1. Easily Installation
  2. Easy access to keyed seat release
  3. View port for rear brake reservoir
  4. Protection of rear brake reservoir
  5. Access to compression / preload adjuster on rear shock of "R" models
  6. Rear preload for the "R" is accessed behind the panel—a bit tight but easily manageable
  7. Absolutely keeps your legs from getting toasted, especially in slow moving traffic.

Sold as a pair.


  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure / T
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure R
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure S
  • KTM 1190 Standard and R
  • KTM 1090 Standard and R
  • DOES NOT FIT THE 2022 1290 

  Customer Feedback  

“Have installed your heat guards on my KTM 1050 Adventure, just in time for the NZ summer. The difference is astounding! Thanks for a great product.”—Max Lloyd

"Just wanted to say that it was near 100 degrees today. No roasted legs thanks to the heat shields. Thanks again for a great product and the extra stickers. And I'm very glad I waited for the lights with those shields.  Awesome lighting!!" — Steve Sheridan, Decatur, TX

"BTW your 1190 heat shields work great in cutting down the direct heat hitting the inner thighs. Cooler than my Road GlideThanks."Les Middleton, Oceanside, CA

“I just installed the heat shields on my KTM 1190 Adventure R. I was a little worried about heat buildup under the seat. When I installed them, I noticed they were flared at the rear, which I believe causes the hot air to be drawn out. They are well crafted and installed with only the passenger peg bolts. I just tested them with my air temp gauge reading 112°F. Amazing!!! On the freeway, almost no heat and much better in stop and go traffic. If you live in a hot climate these are a must. If the seat got any warmer I did not notice. No rattles and easy access to suspension components and key lock.”—Dwight W. Highland, CA

"The heat deflectors do exactly that. The heat around the thigh area is greatly reduced. The last ride was a pretty hot one here in Texas and the heat off the bike never crossed my mind".  -- Jayrock on ADVRider