BDCW - Rear / Pillion Rack for KTM 890 & 790 ADV

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BDCW - Rear / Pillion Rack for KTM 890 & 790 ADV


Our Multi-Function Rear Rack and Pillion Rack is designed to be the ULTIMATE in versatility and style and includes well thought out features not found with other offerings.



Our NEW industrial-strength Multi-Function Rear Rack is a must-have for riders who need to increase the versatility of their KTM 790 & 890 Adventure / R / Rally. Easily the most rugged rear racks on the market, these stout plates are made of 1/4-inch aluminum, with generous-sized holes around the perimeter for multiple tie-down points. And it's hard anodized in black for a lasting finish.

Our Pillion Rack, which replaces the passenger seat and replicates the complicated integrated design to hold down the front seat in either position. In addition it easily comes on and off with the locking seat mechanism. Also made of 1/4-inch aluminum with similar features to our multi-function rear rack including FIVE additional locations to secure a rotopax fuel / liquid container.




  • KTM 790 Adventure R (2019-2020)
  • KTM 790 Adventure Standard (2019-2020)
  • KTM 790 Rally (2020)
  • KTM 890 Standard (2021+)
  • KTM 890 Adventure R (2021+)
  • KTM 890 Rally (2021+)


Rear Rack integrates a Simple Design Bolts onto the Frame, getting rid of the ridiculous stock Grab Rail
Installs in minutes, streamlines rear of bike and removes hazardous stock grab rail.

Pre-Drilled to Carry RotopaX Fuel or Water Containers in Two Positions
Run the containers either lengthwise or across the bike—whichever suits your purposes better.

Anodized Hard Black for a Durable Finish
Hard Anodized Type 3 finish for years of good looks.

Generous-Sized Tie Down Points make Strapping Items to the Rack Easy
We strongly recommend using ROK Straps to secure items to your rack / bike. We′ve used ROK Straps for years and feel they’re the safest, most convenient solution.

Both the Rear Rack and Pillion Rack are The "RIGHT" Size that Blends in Seamlessly to the Looks of the Bike
Measures approximately 13 inches long x 12 inches wide.

Pillion Rack greatly expands the luggage capacity by adding a 15" wide x 14" long platform to our rear rack.
Impressive cargo capacity to meet all your adventure needs

The thoughtful design of the Pillion Rack will "set the standard" for others to follow
The BDCW Pillion Rack interlocks with the BDCW Rear Rack adding a great deal of stability, is supported by the frame to increase stability, includes a complex solution to secure the front seat in either the high or low position and locks to the bike using the seat release mechanism, which is plenty stout enough to support this application. 


  • ** If you have one of our rear racks from our first several batches, you will need to replace the spacers for the rear rack in order to fit the Pillion Rack. You can easily tell if you have an early version as the front of the rear rack is almost directly on top of the rear tail piece - if this is the case and you are ordering just the pilion rack please put in the comments section of your order that you need to new taller spacers. The cost of these spacers are $20). If you have a gap of approximately 3/8" you have the newer spacers and replacements are NOT necessary).
  • Rear Rack mounts to the frame of the bike. Stock grab rails must be removed.
  • Pilion Rack interlocks with BDCW Rear Rack and secures to the bike using the seat release mechanism. 
  • Hardware and spacers are provided.
  • Pillion rack will ONLY work with the BDCW Rear Rack as they interlock for stability.
  • Owners of the "R" and "Rally" models can easily swap out the double seat for a "front" seat from the "S" models
  • Carrying the RotopaX requires use of their specific mounts—either Standard, Deluxe or Lockable.This rack is pre-drilled to accommodate all of these mounts, as well.



Check out what satisfied BDCW customers and industry editors and experts are saying.

From the Dog Pound (satisfied Black Dog riders):

Hey Kurt and Martha,
I just wanted to send you a quick note saying I just installed my pillion seat rack on my KTM 790r.
Not surprised that it's another quality Black Dog product with perfect fit and finish.  I love the close tolerances of the seat pin so it won't rattle.   The directions were spot on!
The skid plate was rock solid this past summer, on the WABDR, and will use this same bike on the AZBDR and the AZ Peace Trail in a few weeks.
Thanks again and stay safe,
Jay Wilson 
Tucson, AZ
FIts the new 890 Rally PERFECTLY - Tony Patterson - Rocky Mount, NC