BDCW Traction Footpegs - Harley Pan America

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BDCW Traction Footpegs - Harley Pan America


A Black Dog Cycle Works (BDCW) exclusive design

The new Black Dog Cycle Works TRACTION Footpegs are designed to answer the call for riders who prefer to tackle difficult terrain in all conditions. Sharp teeth greatly enhance traction in wet and muddy conditions while minimizing wear and tear on riding boots while standing. For enhanced traction, threaded spikes are supplied to provide the ULTIMATE in wet weather traction.


With more than TWICE the surface area of the stock pegs, our Traction Footpegs for the Pan America will blow your mind! More comfort, more control, more leverage and less fatigue all add up to a MUST DO on the upgrade list for this bike.

We've expanded the void areas to allow mud, snow and debris to flow through; changed the teeth from flat to a pointed style; and most importantly, added thread-in "traction spikes" to ensure maximum grip on the pegs in wet conditions. Another innovative feature is that these threaded spikes are removable to reduce wear on the soles of your boot when not in wet conditions and are replaceable!


Enlarged Size
Our pegs are 2.5-inch wide x 4.5-inch long and weight only 6 oz. each. This creates a LARGE, STABLE platform from which to control the bike — it’s like adding power steering!

More Legroom
These are 1/2 inch lower than stock providing more comfort for long trips as well as lowering your center of gravity while standing. It may not sounds like much but feedback confirms it is noticeable!

Greater Comfort
Standing up is much less fatiguing on these pegs since the large platform distributes your weight more evenly (you are no longer expending energy balancing on a such a small surface). Allowing you to enjoy the ride standing up!

More Open Design
By creating larger voids in the peg platform, this design allows mud, snow and debris to flow through the pegs to keep the treads cleaner. We've also enlarged the bottom of the openings to aid in cleaning the pegs.

Superior Material and Design
Black Dog pegs are milled out of superior aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. We've added TRACTION cleats around the perimeter of the peg and include removable threaded spikes for the ULTIMATE in traction and control.

More Traction, Less Boot Wear
The threaded spikes are removable and replaceable reducing boot wear while riding in less demanding conditions.

Beverage Opener
As with all of our footpegs, we designed in a bottle opener on the bottom each peg to ease the opening of that well earned adult beverage at the end of the day....Just because we can ;)

Ease of Installation
The pivot pin that holds the stock pegs in place is clever from a quick assembly perspective, but you will be cussing it when you have to take them out. We include replacement pins and cotter pins to ease installation.

Made in the U.S.
No bones about it, we manufacture all of our Black Dog products right here in the U.S.—supporting the local craftsmen, materials and machinery. We have world-class manufacturers in our own backyard and are committed to supporting our local economy, something that's extremely important to us. We feel supporting the U.S. manufacturing base has never been more important.

Tested and Trusted Worldwide
All of our own products are rigorously tested on our personal bikes BEFORE they’re released. Our innovative and rugged designs are used throughout the world—a fact that we’re very proud of. We make no pretense that we’re the cheapest, but, you can be sure that BDCW products are the best made and that we stand behind them.


  • Harley Davidson Pan America (2021-current)



From FACEBOOK: /gs-giants-bdcw-footpegs-raves/

Independent Raves:

"I've been riding adventure bikes since about 2008 been doing a lot of prototyping for many of the adventure market people that are out there, and the latest one that I've been trying is the traction pegs from Black Dog Cycles Works.

"I've been running BDCW pegs for over many years—several different styles that have been tested. I can attest that the new TRACTION Footpegs do not slip when you get them wet. They have been great traction, and not as many studs as another popular brand, which tends to tear up the bottom of your boots quickly, yet the BDCW pegs still give you plenty of traction.

"I just have put a little over 4,500 miles on these and in part of my last adventure down in South America and I'm telling you they have held up great and I am very, very pleased with the new traction pegs, so if you're looking for the same great quality that Black Dog Cycles Works puts out you love the platform to give you comfort on those long days. Take my word for it you will love these new TRACTION Footpegs. They are a must especially if you live in wet country or mud. Oh yeah, and of course they still have the bottle opener for the end of the day to crack open your first beer!!!! Thanks for listening to your customers Kurt. Another fine product and a great job."—Jason Houle, Rawhyde Adventures Coach, Trainer, Tour Guide.

* * *

"Just home from a successful Expedition 65. Over 10,200 miles from Cartagena Columbia to Ushuaia, Argentina all on Black Dog's new TRACTION Footpegs. It seemed like we were immediately covered in mud from Day 1 in Columbia and the stickiness of the newly added studs proved invaluable.

"The rough terrain in Peru and Bolivia also provided a stout test. Miles and miles of rough potholed, washboarded roads mercilessly pounded our bikes. Black Dog's new design gave me all the confidence I needed to get after it and reduced rider fatigue by allowing me to relax and trust my feet. They are like a dance floor! I love 'em! Whether it was sand, snow, wind, mud, gravel, rocks or plain old pavement, I know I can count on my Black Dog pegs and skid plates.

"Keep up the great work and thank you for the superior product and outstanding customer service that keeps me a BDCW customer."—Evan Firstman, Reno, NV

* * *

“They are NICE. Lots of grip, and no more fumbling around to find the peg with my arch while catching the brake at the same time. The added surface area gives you more options for foot placement too. The comfort on my feet/solid HUGE platform to stand on was awesome! Thanks again. Great product—worth the wait.”David Lena, VT


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