BDCW - ULTIMATE Skid Plate (BMW F850GSA/F850GS/F750GS)

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BDCW - ULTIMATE Skid Plate (BMW F850GSA/F850GS/F750GS)

Remember—protection of your bike is not only about the design of the skid plate and the coverage it provides. The mounts play a key role in how your skid plate will survive and how your bike is ultimately protected. We've seen far too many engine cases break due to poor designs of the underlying mounts.


Once again BMW has developed a motorcycle with absolutely no convenient mounting locations for a durable skid plate. There is no cradle or framework to tie into for mounting a rugged skid plateso we had to get creative.

BDCW’s continues its innovative approach by creating a one-piece underlying mounting bracket that ties into the center stand's framework. Our design effectively prevents the skid plate from shifting backwards and potentially damaging your bike. This design, combined with a rubber Shok-Blok installed between the front of the skid plate mount and the engine case, ensures our skid plate and mounting system will take a beating long after others have failed.

Ease of installation was another critical design element, as was removal of the skid plate for maintenance. The initial installation of your skid plate should take less than 10 minutes. And with only four bolts to remove for maintenance duties, the skid plate comes off in less than 60 seconds.

Made from 3/16-inch (4.76mm) 5052 aluminum, the BDCW ULTIMATE Skid Plate provides maximum protection of the engine components and header while providing a smooth glide surface to clear obstacles with no exposed bolts or plastic sliders to get in the way. Our design is also useful when performing maintenance on the bike as it provides a flat level surface to lift your bike. 


Select the appropriate model from our list above: 

  • BMW F850GS  (2019-2020)
  • BMW F750GS  (2019-2020) - requires OEM center stand
  • F850GSA (2019-2020)
  • If you have a LOW model - please contact us for details.
  • DOES NOT FIT THE 2021 MODELS - we are working on a new fitment for those models


  • CENTER STAND—compatible with the OEM center stand. Others not yet tested
  • ENGINE BARS—we have provided plenty of clearance to the engine crash bar mounts and don't anticipate compatibility issues. We've tested the skid plate with the Hepco-Becker Engine Bars which works flawlessly. We're impressed with the design of the Hepco-Becker Engine & Tank Guards and have no doubt they'll prove to be extremely stout (which is why we mounted them on our shop F850GS). See Related Products.


Our ULTIMATE Skid Plate provides maximum protection of vital components such as the oil cooler, oil filter, engine case and exhaust headers—MORE protection than any others on the market. We offer the absolute MOST protection for the header system, which is $1,600+ to replace. Our skid plate is VERY inexpensive insurance.

Maximized Ground Clearance
Our design keeps the skid plate snug to the bike while still providing enough of a "crush zone" to protect the components on the bike.

Unique Mounting Framework
Extremely stout mounting bracket that ties into the center stand frame at the rear, preventing the skid plate from shifting backwards from a big hit which could potentially damage your bike.

More Heft—3/16-inch (4.76mm) 5052 Aluminum 
You get what you pay for. And we found the optimal material to protect, perform, and last. In fact, it may very well outlive your bike. The grade of aluminum we selected is designed to ABSORB impacts, not transfer the force to the mounting points on your bike.

Smooth Bottom for Clearing Obstacles
No holes to snag on rocks or branches. Our plate glides on its own
right up over most obstacles without bolts, plastic glides or rivets to catch or break off.

Accommodates Stock Center Stand
We will be offering a separate component to protect the exhaust resonator and to extend the glide surface of our skid plate to clear obstacles. See related products for details.

Quick Change Artist
Our skid plate can be removed for maintenance with only 4 boltsthe mounting components stay in place once installed. Less than 60 seconds to remove or re-install.

Powder AND Clear Coated
Looks great and takes the punishment that anodized finishes can’t. 

Looks "Badass" on Every Bike
Not that it matters when it’s covered in mud.

Cheap Insurance
Considering the costs of expensive repairs or “extractions” from the outback, it’s a bargain!

Made in the U.S.
No bones about it, we manufacture all of our Black Dog products right here in the U.S. It is extremely important to us. We have world-class manufacturers in our own backyard and we use them.

Tested and Trusted Worldwide
We personally test all of our products on our personal motorcycles. Additionally we have customers worldwide that are putting our products to the test every day.

RadekBurkat's skid plate failure
The dangers of using "cosmetic" armor




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    Compatible with Givi Engine Bars TN5127 on BMW F850GS

    Posted by Bradley Smith on Dec 5th 2020

    I received the order quickly and carefully packed with good instructions.
    My only trouble with mounting was needing to narrow the plastic bushings (pieces of plastic pipe?) which protect the center stand attachment points. A disc sander quickly makes those fit. The left one needed to be about half the supplied width while the right one just needed a few millimeters removed.
    Fortunately there is clearance for my previously-installed Givi engine bars referenced above.
    I'm glad to have also added the resonator cover to the center stand as the resonator is more exposed than I realized.
    I'm convinced I couldn't have bought better protection.