Enduristan engineers and distributes first class motorcycle luggage. For us, off-road traveling has been a fixed part of our lifes for years. All our new developments are based on this rich pool of experience. The results are products with high functionality, innovative details and best quality—exactly as they are needed for a ride through Enduristan.

As many of you know, at Black Dog Cycle Works our passion is riding and our goal is to offer innovative, unique products to our clients that we consider to be the “best in the business.” Over the past several years another important priority developed, and that is the desire to create partnerships with like-minded, passionate riders who use the products they sell and are committed to excellent quality and outstanding customer service.

We have found such a partner in Enduristan. David Jenni and Christoph von Ow who founded Enduristan in Switzerland in 2008 with the desire to provide innovative, high quality touring products based on their extensive motorcycle travel experience.

Enduristan’s innovative Sandstorm tank bag and Monsoon saddlebags ooze quality, functionality and excellent features to are sure to make them a favorite.

  • Enduristan Inferno Heat Shield.

    Enduristan - Inferno Heat Shield

    Keep your luggage cool! Enduristan’s Inferno Heat Shield keeps your panniers and side panels away from the internal heat of your muffler. One or more Inferno Heat Shields can reliably avoid any meltdown. Exhaust systems can get as hot as...

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  • Enduristan optional Deluxe Shoulder Strap for various Enduristan products. Available from www.BlackDogCW.com.

    Enduristan - Shoulder Strap

    Carrying your Tornado bag has never been so comfortable with this breathable 3-layer pad, pressure distribution over a large area and a unique angled design.    NUTS, BOLTS & BENEFITS   Fully adjustable on both ends For use on...

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