Enduristan - Shoulder Strap

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Enduristan optional Deluxe Shoulder Strap for various Enduristan products. Available from www.BlackDogCW.com.

Carrying your Tornado bag has never been so comfortable with this breathable 3-layer pad, pressure distribution over a large area and a unique angled design.


  • Fully adjustable on both ends
  • For use on both the left and the right hand side
  • Angled pad for comfort and to prevent the strap from slipping down your shoulder
  • Heavy duty hook with sturdy polymer body and stainless steel lock
  • 360° swivel mechanism on both hooks helping you to move freely and with ease
  • Washable and easy to clean
  • Built to last


  • Tornado 2 Pack Sack
  • Monsoon 3 Saddle Bags: one shoulder strap for either side recommended
  • Sandstorm 3E Tankbag
  • Sandstorm 3S Tankbag