Other - Fuzeblock - FZ-1

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Other - Fuzeblock - FZ-1

We have done a lot of wiring on virtually every motorcycle we’ve ever had, and I can tell you, this by FAR the slickest way to wire electrical accessories to your bike. Not only that, the flexibility it gives you to have accessories either switched or unswitched (always on) to the ignition is unparalleled. This product does not require the use of a relay making the installment easy. Run three simple wires to it and you are done. Very slick.

With the FZ-1 in place you can power all kinds of motorcycle accessories including, but not limited to: auxiliary lighting, GPS, radar detector, CB/FRS/GMRS radio, heated grips, audio mixers, intercom system and any other device requiring 10A or less. Any of these accessories can have constant or switched power by simply placing the fuse in the correct position for the power desired.

Installation for the FZ-1 fuse block requires no crimping. All connections are made by heavy-duty screw terminals that can accept up to a 12 gauge wire. All the FZ-1 needs is +12VDC, ground and a +12VDC switched source to make it fully functional. The unique board layout provides six individually fused circuits that can supply constant or switched power for each accessory depending on your needs.

Size:  3.5-inches x 2.5-inches x 1-inch

This product is compatible with the CAN-bus systems on the BMW motorcycles.

Please note: This electrical component can only be returned if unopened and uninstalled.