Package - Lighting (KTM 950SE)

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Package - Lighting (KTM 950SE)


BDCW Lighting Package for the KTM 950 Super Enduro

We now offer THREE different lighting packages utilizing Rigid Industries LED Lights based on your desired lighting needs.The NEW PRO Series from Rigid Industries has up to 170% MORE output than the original version - turning night into day!

We are HUGE fans of the durability, light output, quality and value of the Rigid Industries LED Lights.and we run them on every vehicle we own so you could say we are a bit familiar with them.

Packages include the following:

  • BDCW Triple Clamp Light Mount for KTM 950 Super Enduro (ALL YEARS)
  • Pair of Rigid Industries LED Lights (see below for details)
  • Complete wiring harness
  • Mounting brackets
  • Rigid Industries Pendant Switch (self enclosed motorcycle-friendly design)
  • Rigid Industries Amber Snap-on Covers for greatly improved visibility during the day by other drivers

 We offer the following options of Rigid Industries LED lights with our mounts: 

  1. Dually Side Shooter PRO - Driving Beam: These lights are basically the D2 lights on steriods for enhanced ditch lighting. With two LEDs built into the side of the optics, these light spread a 120 beam pattern with a mind blowing 7,100 LUMEN EACH while drawing only 57 watts (per light). A perfect combination of distance and side illumination to light up the ditches!

  2. D2 PRO - Driving Beam: These lights are absolutely amazing for situation when MAXIMUM lighting is desired. Putting out an impressive 4,750 Lumens each light while only drawing 44 watts (per light). We have used these lights in Baja with amazing results. If you are in an area where wildlife is a concern with little oncoming traffic—these are the lights for you!

  3. DOT Fog Lights: Don't let the "fog light" designation of these lights fool you. In our opinion, these are the most effective, versatile lights on the market as they can be used with oncoming traffic at night. They put out an amazing amount of light that really lights up the ditches with excellent forward projection of light. They are DOT / SAE certified (street legal) which is very unique for any LED lights on the market.  With the beam cut-off, these lights can be used effectively with oncoming traffic unlike brighter LED lights that are not DOT legal. While having really bright lights is great in certain situations, but having lights that are too bright to use with oncoming traffic that have to remain OFF in those riding conditions add NO value to your lighting quality. Each light puts out 1,760 Lumens while drawing 22 watts per light.

The toughness of these lights cannot be overstated. You can literally take a baseball bat to these lights and they still work. We have crashed motorcycles and landed ON the light and all it did was scratch the powder coat a bit. Try that with other lights on the market and you will have to pick up a thousand parts from the ground.  With a lifetime warranty and MADE IN THE USA—these lights offer a tough combination to beat.

Yes, there are brighter lights on the market but they are significantly more expensive, not as durable and are often too bright to run with traffic, rending them useless in many situations. Plus many of them do not have a lifetime warranty!