Tour of Idaho (combo set)

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Tour of Idaho (combo set)

Black Dog Cycle Works is proud to be a sponsor of the Tour of Idaho—are you up to the challenge?

Tour of Idaho Challenge—Book and Map Combo

No support, no back slapping spectators, no cheering crowds—just you, your bike and your wits. The Tour of Idaho (T1) is a 1,400-mile dirt bike ride designed for soloists and small groups traveling alone and unsupported that begins in the Malad Range of southern Idaho and ends in the Selkirk Mountains near the Canadian border. It's likely one of the most committing and difficult long dirt bike rides in the United States. It's NOT an ADV bike ride—plated dirt bikes, with lights, are required.

Get the comprehensive map and book combo collection (meant to be used together—limited quantity available for 2016).

  • Full-production Butler Maps featuring the entire 1,400-mile overview route on tear proof/waterproof paper, including all major trail junctions, bailout sections as well as various route options. State map scale 1:833,333.

  • 45 page 6-inch x 9-inch rider flipbook with complete level of detail. Printed on tear proof/waterproof paper. 7.5minute, 1:100,000-scale.

Looking to view the entire Tour of Idaho in a documentary? Check out Jimmy Lewis take on the 1,400 mile route here: