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  • Tour of Idaho (combo set)

    Tour of Idaho (combo set)

    Black Dog Cycle Works is proud to be a sponsor of the Tour of Idaho—are you up to the challenge? Tour of Idaho Challenge—Book and Map Combo No support, no back slapping spectators, no cheering crowds—just you, your bike and your...

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  • Enduristan - Inferno Heat Shield

    Enduristan - Inferno Heat Shield

    Keep your luggage cool! Enduristan’s Inferno Heat Shield keeps your panniers and side panels away from the internal heat of your muffler. One or more Inferno Heat Shields can reliably avoid any meltdown. Exhaust systems can get as hot as...

    $31.00 $22.00
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  • Enduristan - Shoulder Strap

    Enduristan - Shoulder Strap

    Carrying your Tornado bag has never been so comfortable with this breathable 3-layer pad, pressure distribution over a large area and a unique angled design.    NUTS, BOLTS & BENEFITS   Fully adjustable on both ends For use on...

    $24.00 $15.00
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  • Enduristan - Belt Pack

    Enduristan - Belt Pack

    SAVE $10.00 to $15.00 Adventure Ready! The Enduristan Belt Pack is the ideal solution for your adventure trips short or far. For extreme adventures it is ideal for taking along those essential tools and items, whilst on those longer rides around the...

    $38.00 $19.00
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  • TrailMaster - Changing Mat

    TrailMaster - Changing Mat

    A great new innovative product from TrailMaster Adventures—the Changing MatA waterproof mat to keep you clean and out of the dirt!The Changing Mat is a lightweight folding mat that will keep your wheel out of the dirt when changing a flat. The...

    $24.95 $19.95
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