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Riders talk about why they depend on BDCW (on Video)

“We’re truly humbled that so many of you take the time to let us know how they feel about our company, products and customer service. You confirm our belief that doing business on the internet does not need to be impersonal.”—Kurt and Martha Forgét

The Auxiliary Fan Kit from Black Dog Cycle Works is a great addition to make to your 990/950 if you’re riding in hot temperatures or technical slow riding. For the install, I already had both of my fuel tanks off so it made for a fairly easy process.

Luca Rattazzi from Harrison Eurosports shares 4 of his favorite accessories for the BMW R1200GS from Black Dog Cycle Works.

"My honest review of the Black Dog Cycle Work's skid plate for the KTM 1190 Adventure R. This is not a destruction test to because I obviously paid for everything myself :-) but my honest rider opinion about the skid plate and what I like about it."—Mufaddal Alaithan


Dusty Wessels of RawHyde Adventures (instructor and tour guide), and Dusty Roads Moto Ventures, talks about the BDCW upgrades he’s made to his R1200GS Adventure.


Black Dog is always my first stop. I was hoping to see that skid plate come available (for the KTM 1190). When Kurt posted it at ADV today, I jumped! I'm sure I'll be buying parts as fast as you can dream ’em up and crack ’em out.”

A. Dale McLean,

Don Havre makes his case for BDCW’s ULTIMATE armor on his GSes.

Don, of Kennewick, WA, was one of the first of our loyal customers to start hounding us about a skid plate for the new liquid cooled GS. Given Don’s previous experience of tearing off numerous skid plates from other manufacturers on his low-framed oil-cooled GS, and how well our skid plate held up on that bike, Don knew only the Black Dog skid plate would stand up to the abuse he puts his bike through. Especially with the lower frame, the bike tends to hit a lot more often than the bikes with the standard suspension. Don contacted us about a trip he was planning that included parts of the Utah and Colorado BDRs, and was very concerned about making the trip with his stock “skid plate.”  Since he is about to leave within a few days, and as our production parts were not quite ready for prime time, we set him up with prototypes. He also picked up a Heidenau K60 front tire from us for his journey.

What happens when a stock skid plate fails on a BMW R1200GS Adventure (Moab, UT).

This video was shot by Mick Williamson of Phoenix, AZ, several months before the discussion above. He and a group of other R1200GS Adventure riders were taking the expert route of Lockhart Basin to Moab, UT for the GS Trophy Challenge, hoping to ride the trails all weekend. Due to the poor performance of a stock skid plate, one of the riders cracked his engine block. After limping into the event, and upon the recommendation of his riding buddies, he sought out Kurt Forgét of BDCW for their R1200GS skid plate. He told Kurt, “I need to go get my engine block welded and then I’ll be back to get one.” (Never something you want to hear from a fellow rider!) Luckily, he found a talented welder in the area who was up for the challenge. With the repair done, and protection of the Black Dog CW skid plate, he rode the trails in Moab with confidence. Another satisfied BDCW customer, for sure—unfortunately, he had to learn the hard way.
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Kurt and Wayne go over Bret Tkacs’ battered skid plate for his F800.

Another BDCW skid plate takes a licking and keeps on ticking. This one belongs to famed Puget Sound Safety's Bret Tkacs. The guys discuss how the skid plate performed and what could have happened to the engine without BDCW  armor. Bret’s F800 was the project bike featured in Adventure Motorcycle magazine.

Black Dog Cycle Works footpegs for the Honda Africa Twin.

Thank you Kyle from Backcountry Adventure Motorsports (B.A.M.) for the Youtube review!

Join Brad Barker on his trip to Idaho to meet with the founders of Black Dog Cycle Works. Learn how to protect your bike and survive the DEEP sand of Arizona's back country. (

Jason Houle talks about Black Dog Cycle Workupgrades for his R1200GSA. 

Jason Houle, part-time instructor for RawHyde, walks you through the BDCW upgrades he's made to his BMW R1200GS Adventure. Jason works for the power company in Arizona, and was recently sent to New York to help the residents regain power after the aftermath of Sandy.

Bill Prior talks about Black Dog Cycle Works upgrades for his R1200GSA’s skid plate.

Bill also experienced a major failure of his BMW’s stock skid plate. In this short video he discusses why, after doing the research, he switched to BDCW. Bill discusses the workmanship and the uncommonly helpful tech support he received.

Don Blackwell talks about Black Dog Cycle Works’ KTM 990 skid plate.

Don Blackwell discusses how his BDCW skid plate saved his bike on an 8,000 mile trip into Asia.

Jeff Camacho chats about Black Dog Cycle Works products.

Jeff Camacho is an accomplished, long time rider from Southern California. He fuels his passion through his part-time coaching duties at RawHyde—training new riders the skills they need to survive the dirt on the bikes. Last year he completed the LA-Barstow to Las Vegas ride on his R1200GSA—no small accomplishment given the difficult terrain. In this video Jeff discusses why he uses the BDCW skid plate, Rigid LED lighting system, and the BDCW “platform” footpegs.

For more information, check out Jeff's ADV Rider blog entry at:

Kevin Doyle talks about Black Dog Cycle Works’ heavy-duty skid plate.

Kevin Doyle, of Oregon, punched a hole in his motor when another aftermarket skid plate failed. He was so excited that the Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate could take such a beating that he had to come by for a visit to show us. He is BEYOND impressed with our product, especially in light of his previous experiences.

Kevin Muggleton talks about Rigid Industries LED lights.

Kevin Muggleton, owner and president of Redverz, discusses why he uses Rigid Industries LED Lights from BDCW. They’re a radical improvement over stock lights, ideal for nighttime riding and tough as nails.

Luca Rattazzi talks about Black Dog Cycle Works upgrades for his KTM.

Luca has upgraded his KTM 990 Adventure with heavy-duty hard parts and other mission-critical components from BDCW. Luca walks you through his upgrades not only explaning what they are, but how he uses them—useful information for riders looking make similar upgrades. Products mentioned include: BDCW’s KTM side stand relocation kit, Rigid LED lighting with BDCW mounts, auxilliary fuse block, BDCW  “platform” footpegs, crashbar bags, BDCW auxilliary cooling fan kit, plus a hidden feature....

Although Luca has been in the motorcycle business for a number of years, but he's also passionate about glass blowing. He owns a business that makes unusual items, such as a glass blown dog bowl (see the end of the video for a sample). To find out more, visit and

Matt Manuel talks about Black Dog Cycle Works products.

Matt has tried adventure motorcycle products by other makers and now swears by Black Dog Cycle Works for their industrial strength and quality of workmanship. BDCW has the reputation for building hard parts for adventure bikes the right way.

Rick “Doc” Lippmann talks about Black Dog Cycle Works products.

Rick “Doc” Lippmann (“The Best of the Desert” series) discusses his experiences with BDCW products.

JP Nicolas discusses testing Black Dog Cycle Works products in Baja.

Product testing Black Dog Cycle Works products in Baja, Mexico. Our products are made in the U.S.A., but sometimes we take them across the border for a workout. This was JP Nicholas’ first visit to Baja—he absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back. He purchased his Super Enduro after riding Kurt’s machine in Moab, and set it up with many of the same parts from BDCW. JP also rides a 990 Adventure, a KTM 500 EXC and builds custom Harleys, which seem to get ridden less and less since he has acquired the “Orange Fever” of KTM

John Kirkpatrick talks about why he uses Black Dog Cycle Works products.

John Kirkpatrick is part-time coach at RawHyde where he moonlights from his day job as a police officer in the LA area. John enjoys teaching others the skill they need to safely and successful navigate the hazards of off-road riding on the big adventure bikes.