KTM 1290 ADV - 2022

We are stoked to get our hands on this new powerhouse of an adventure bike. Since it's an all new design from KTM, we are anticipating our R&D department will have to start from scratch on some products, while other current products will bolt right on. We expect delivery our own 1290R in January of 2022 so stay tuned here for product updates as they develop.


NOTE: Products in this category are for bikes that are considered 2021 Model Year in Europe and other countries.



  • BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (KTM2LT)

    BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (KTM2LT)

    A Black Dog Cycle Works (BDCW) exclusive design The new Black Dog Cycle Works TRACTION Footpegs are designed to answer the call for riders who prefer to tackle difficult terrain in all conditions. Sharp teeth greatly enhance traction in wet and...

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  • MACHINE FINISH BDCW Platform Footpeg for big KTMs. Available in standard or lowered heights, as well as anodized black or orange finishes.

    BDCW - Footpegs - Platform (KTM2L)

    WHY THE EXPERTS LOVE THEM (and Everyone Else Needs Them)— We’ve long been fans of oversized footpegs. The additional control they give your bike, and the increased comfort while standing, make their design a no-brainer for any serious rider...

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