Footpegs Raves

“Received the new pegs, installed in minutes, foot position and feel are much improved! WTFO? Who does this? Fit and feel are enormously improved! Handling is so much improved it’s like I’m riding a new bike!”—Brian Porter

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“I received my Traction Footpegs yesterday, installed them last night and rode the bike to work today. Super stoked. Well done!  Massive upgrade from the pivot pegs I was using on my 1190R and will also help me control the heat transfer to my boot. Just finished a 9-day ADV ride with a buddy who had them on his 1090R and was very impressed with the performance. Cheers to you for a killer product. Check the screenshot pic below for comparison in size with pivot pegs. WOW!”
Rob Pack


 “The photos on your site don’t do these pegs justice. Such a night and day difference!”

Smallfry506 (via



“I really like my Black Dog pegs. They were expensive, but they are so much nicer and it is amazing how they are able to be out of the way more than the skinny stock pegs were. Love them.”

Mr. Fisherman (via

“I purchased Black Dog’s cycle works foot pegs, I’ve really enjoyed them. They are great for standing, and my feet stay connected while on the trails.”

EVH (via

“I’m 6’3” and I swapped to the PP seat—and yes it helped, and to Black Dog Cycle Works pegs—they are wider/bigger/more traction and they move the pegs slightly lower and forward. These two swaps made my ergos more comfortable. I found that the OEM seat kind of pushed me forward.”

BDO (via Tapatalk and ADVRider)

“I replaced my foot pegs in the first week or two. I think that my pegs had arrived before I purchased the bike. Once I swapped the pegs over it was so much better, way more firm footing with my Black Dog pegs!”

John2453 (via ADVRider)

“I am 6’8” and I have a size 15 foot. The stock pegs on the SA-T just plain sucked for me. I use the Black Dog Cycle Works Platform Pegs. They give me “a lot” of extra room and my boots never slip when wet or muddy. Another plus is there is a built-in beverage opener on the bottom!!! Worth every dollar.”

Clayton (via

“+1 for Black Dog. I put their ‘traction’ pegs on my 2017 GSA last month and I’m not sure why I waited so long, they’re awesome.”

GrumpyOne (via ADVRider)


“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I received the alignment shaft in Saturday’s mail. I have inserted two pictures of the foot pegs mounted on a 2016 Triumph Tiger 800XCA. Thanks for producing such a quality product.”

Bill Phillips

“Bolted on a set of Black Dog pegs. They are huge! Hoping for better control in deep sand.”

Cataract2, via | What have you done to your GS or GS Adventure today? forum

“Those were one of the best damn things I got for my 2015 GS. So much better than stock.”



“I have the [another brand] as well and have seen the Black Dog and the Black Dog is by far a tougher skid plate. The [other brand] is fine for most people, but I dislike the four tiny screws that bolts fastens the skid plate to the back brackets. I can’t see everything lining up fine enough after a few solid off-road rides for those fine-threaded screws.”

BigHot85, via | Ridiculous streetbikes with 6 CPUs and too much HP forum

“The [other brand name] were nicely made but stuck out way too far. I hit my ankles when trying to walk the bike. I ended up with the Black Dog and love them.”

Ranshell, via

“I have Black Dog pegs. They’re awesome. I don’t like long pegs... increases risk of snagging them. I second that. The BDCW are tops. With my massive inseam I needed a peg that didn’t stick out. I was reluctant to pay the big bucks for them, but they are worth every penny.”

CriaKLR, via | Africa Twin CRF1000L Owner’s thread

“If I could do it over again I would have bought the BDCW pegs from the start and saved some money.”

FarmerKeith, via | GS Boxers thread

“Check out Black Dog Cycle Works for pegs. Not sure if they still offer a lowered peg—I put their foot pegs on my 2012 GSA and they are amazing! Huge compared to the stock adventure pegs.”

BenzADV59, via | Oil Cooled GS footpeg options in GS Boxers forum

“Installed Black Dog footpegs. These things are huge and really cool looking. I’ve never had so many compliments on footpegs. Come to think of it I’ve never had a compliment on footpegs before.”

Vaselino, via | What have you done to your GS or GS Adventure today? forum




“I love the footpegs I bought. I didn't realize how big they were when I bought them. They’re huge and I love them!  Makes steering the bike a breeze and they super comfortable.”—Ed Colonna, Danville, CA (KTM 990 ADV)

“With every day being a 500+ mile off road day, Dakar training and riding takes its toll on you and your body. Having Black Dog Cycle Works develop foot pegs for our Honda race bike is a godsend. The stock pegs hurt after a few hours, and affect your riding after days on the pegs. These BDCW pegs let me stand for the entire day, day after day. They’re huge, and indestructible, but more importantly, they’re no heavier than the stock pegs. Thanks Guys!”

Kevin MuggletonDakar Racer, owner of Redverz Gear

“I’m very impressed by both the design and finish of these pegs, and am looking forward to standing on them. I’ve got CJ’s peg extensions on my SE and Duke. Nice kit, no doubt, but this is the next step.”

Bob Stallard, CA


BDCW’s NEW lowered footpegs for the R1200GSA (1/2-inch of extra leg room!)

“Rode the bike to work this morning on the dirt roads in the rain. They are NICE. Lots of grip, and no more fumbling around to find the peg with my arch while catching the brake at the same time. The added surface area gives you more options for foot placement too. I don’t notice much difference while standing, but they do feel better on the knees. Great product-worth the wait. This is my third purchase from you guys. Skid plate and center stand protector are the best out there—by far. These pegs are the same quality in my book.”

—David Len


“Your footpegs are awesome. Your pics on the website don't do them justice. Attached a pic that should be included.”

Evan Hill



“Kurt & Martha from Black Dog Cycle Works stopped by on their return trip from Baja to Sandpoint, Idaho. I’m always so stoked to see these guys. Not only are they awesome people personally, but their products are next-level bomber. The vast majority of Black Dog’s business is direct-to-rider, just like Mosko. I’ve had Black Dog footpegs, a rear rack, a stand re-locator, and a bash-guard on my 950SE for years. We just ordered a new bash-guard and footpegs for our company bike, a 2013 KTM 690. The Black Dog bash guard is so much beefier than the shitty ______ bash guard that was on the bike when we got it, it’s almost laughable.”

Sideoff (ADVRider)


“I loved Pivot Pegz while I had them, but something else to mention, they’re stubby and very short. To be honest, they couldn’t even support half my boot, so it was uncomfortable. Have been with BDCW ever since. Here’s pictures comparing BDCW, OEM, and PivotPegz.”

socalnative (ADVRider)

“These might be the nicest footpegs out there so far that I have found... they put a lot of thought into the design....”

TrailDust&SaddleLthr (ADVRider)

“I use Rox Risers and Black Dog Cycle Works footpegs. I really like the footpegs because I have a size 15 foot and the pegs are soooo much wider than stock and dropped the peg down a 1/2”!!! I’m 6’8” and 349 lbs.”

mitchntx (ADVRider)


“Footpegs were one of my major complaints, specifically as I have size 14 feet. I chose the Black Dog Cycle Works pegs, they are a unique design that allow the peg to ride over the top of the footpeg bracket which allowed me to tuck my ankle in to get a good bite while squeezing the bike with my legs while riding aggressively off road. As you can see in the photo, the peg rides slightly above the foot peg brackets.”

greg1 (ADVRider)

 “I really like the Black Dog Cycle Works pegs...and they are orange!”

PL0231 (ADVRider)

“Installed BDCW pegs and 2” ROX risers on the 2012 GSA. Very nice installs. Huge difference on those pegs.”

TheHooter (ADVRider)

“I just bought some Black Dog Cycle Works pegs. Very pricey, but well thought out. Much larger area despite not sticking out a lot further than the stockers.”

mendoteach (ADVRider)

“I have the Black Dog platform pegs on my KTM 1190 and it would be one of the first mods I will do the AT. I love, love, love those pegs.”

Cuchulainn (