GS Giants BDCW Footpegs Raves


The following is from a Facebook thread—

Brian Francis: I need to buy some better (bigger) footpegs for my 2015 1200GS. Anyone have a set of GSA or aftermarket laying around they’re willing to sell? Otherwise, what aftermarket pegs do you run on your GS and why did you choose the ones you did? Thanks!

Ben Carufel: Black Dog. 100%. Worth every penny.

Tim Sanchez: Black Dog Cycle Works for me and my buddies… plus the added bottle opener built into the bottom of the footpegs.


Anthony Lamb: I have a set of Black Dog Cycle Works ones, haven’t slipped off yet.


Allen TrevenaBlack Dog... I got the slightly lower ones.

Thanasi Grivoyiannis: I got the Black Dog also and just came back from a 4,000-mile ride. They are the best!

Chris Cierley: Black Dog on my 1250. Although I’m happy with the bigger size of them, their parts do NOT fit all GSAs. I had two different sets of springs sent to me that didn’t fit my 1250. Ended up modifying the factory springs and they work okay. A little pricey for that kind of crap but they do feel nice under foot. If you like dragging pegs in the twisties, these are not for you. I chose them because they cover a majority of my boot instead of just half like the factory pegs.

D. Adam Priest: Black Dog gear got me up the Dawson Highway and back, in comfort!


Lance GinesBlack Dog.

Glenn Rivera: I ride on Black Dogs pegs, they are comfortable!

Marjorie M WhiteBlack Dog.

Robert Tracy Dent: I love my Black Dog Cycle Works platforms!


Shalmarie WilsonBlack Dog and LOVE them! Power steering baby!

Tony Hunter: Black Dog Cycle Works Traction Footpegs. Wider and longer for my size-13 boots. More confidence standing on the pegs and can hang my boot at different angles with no slip. Traction style gives you the option to screw in the posts but have not needed them. Highly crafted quality product. Also has not torn up my soles.

Alan Melot: Black Dogs came in today. These things are huge. HUGE. Looking forward to them!