Husqvarna Norden 901

We believe the new Norden 901 will be one of the most popular ADV bikes in recent history.  Combining the performance and off-road capability of the KTM 890 with a slightly more touring-oriented slant will make this a great bike for exploring the backcountry. We are working on confirming which of our parts for the KTM 890 will fit this new bike.  Please check back here often for updates. Looks like we will be receiving our own Norden 901 in January 2022 so we can begin R&D on new or updated parts.



  • BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (KTM2LT)

    BDCW - Footpegs - Traction (KTM2LT)

    A Black Dog Cycle Works (BDCW) exclusive design The new Black Dog Cycle Works TRACTION Footpegs are designed to answer the call for riders who prefer to tackle difficult terrain in all conditions. Sharp teeth greatly enhance traction in wet and...

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  • MACHINE FINISH BDCW Platform Footpeg for big KTMs. Available in standard or lowered heights, as well as anodized black or orange finishes.

    BDCW - Footpegs - Platform (KTM2L)

    WHY THE EXPERTS LOVE THEM (and Everyone Else Needs Them)— We’ve long been fans of oversized footpegs. The additional control they give your bike, and the increased comfort while standing, make their design a no-brainer for any serious rider...

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