BDCW Footpegs

See our Application Chart to confirm the correct fitment for your bike.

BDCW offers TWO specialized footpeg upgrades for various adventure bikes: "Platform" and "Traction" styles. Most designs are a 1/2-inch lower than stock and oversized to provide the best possible balance of comfort and control:

Platform Footpegs

Our Platform Footpegs offer both the grip and real estate to ride standing all day long. Compared to the stock "toothpicks" offered by some manufacturers, our Platform Footpegs are remarkably comfortable. They also give you a lot greater control while standing—so much so that one customer dubbed them as, "Like having power-steering for my bike!"


Finishes: Machine or Black (options vary with bike model)

Traction Footpegs

Our Traction Footpegs are a more aggressive design for riders who tackle the most difficult terrain in all conditions. Removable and replaceable sharp teeth (cleats) greatly enhance traction in wet or muddy conditions while minimizing wear and tear on your riding boots. Traction Footpegs for the ultimate in all-weather traction.


Finishes: Machine or Black (options vary with bike model)