Other BDCW Product Raves


“BDCW hooked me up again with a two birds with one stone product. I bought their rear brake master cylinder cover. It protects a vulnerable part of Gus as well as providing a nice place to install a Powerlet outlet. I put that on yesterday and pulled off all the extraneous wiring. Nice clean install and I can plug my jacket into it with room to move plus I can charge the battery off of it. It will also be handy to run an air compressor or chargers if need be. I like it. Kurt’s stuff is usually overbuilt and heavy but this piece was surprisingly light. I like it.”

FarmerKeith (ADVRider.com GSBoxers’ forum)


“I just installed the heat shields on my KTM 1190 Adventure R. I was a little worried about heat buildup under the seat. When I installed them, I noticed they were flared at the rear, which I believe causes the hot air to be drawn out. They are well crafted and installed with only the passenger peg bolts. I just tested them with my air temp gauge reading 112°F. Amazing!!! On the freeway, almost no heat and much better in stop and go traffic. If you live in a hot climate these are a must. If the seat got any warmer I did not notice. No rattles and easy access to suspension components and key lock.”

Dwight W. Highland, CA


“The lights are on the bike. It is the best upgrade I made on this bike. Incredible night vision. Now it’s safe to go to my night shift. I’ve sent you pictures of the finished installation. Everything went great... very good fit with the brackets. I made my friend jealous. ;-) Thanks again.”

Pascal Giguere, Brazil



“I promised you guys I would forward along some photos of the Rigid LEDs mounted up on my Ducati Multistrada. The lights are crazy bright and throw a pattern that easily overwhelms my factory headlights, yet does not bother cars too much.”

Blair Piersall

“I just installed the throttle (G2) tamer. All I can say is WOW! A whole new bike! Thrilled! Thank you so much for telling me about this. Very, very, happy. A good deal at twice the price!”

—Zip S., Novato, CA

“Thank You Kurt. FYI—the Super Enduro rack is an outstanding engineering masterpiece. Will continue to eye all of your products in future.”

—Gary W., Houston, TX

“I just want to say THANK YOU for the wonderful products you TEST and sell. I recently ordered your Side Stand Reinforcement Kit, Rear Brake Master Cover and The Billet/Scotts Triple-Crown Damper Kit, all for my KTM 950 SE. The order came through very quickly, the phone advice/service was knowledgeable and professional. However, the products are awesome! The Scotts Damper Triple-Crown Kit is a machined masterpiece. The well laid-out Instructions with clear photos and actual hands-on advice is easy-to-follow. It keeps the factory keylock and all other equipment exactly where they need to be. The motorcycle manufacturers really need to subcontract you guys out for their production bikes.”

—Andrew T., Camarillo, CA

“I’ve got Black Dog, the KTM Sidestand Relocation Kit is awesome, now we won’t crack our engine case when we hook it. Get it and don’t look back!!!”

Short-Johnson (ADVRider)


“They are the best! I jumped over a set of railroad tracks and the bike bottomed out, the skid plate hit one of the rails. NO PROBLEM at all. Just to clarify, Black Dog Cycle Works does make very stout Lower Engine Bars as well as connector rods that join onto the Hepco Becker Upper Tank Bars. The BDCW lower engine bars mount DIRECTLY to the frame, without any kind of ‘origami-type’ brackets—they are SOLID and provide great additional support to the Hepco Becker Upper Bars, which are also the only ones we have seen that mount directly to the frame. For the ultimate protection, we think this is an unbeatable combination when paired with the BDCW Ultimate Skid Plate.”

BMacW650 (ADVRider)

"You’re only limited by your imagination how to pack the BDCW Helopad. Kurt designed it for and pre-drilled to accept RotopaXWarn XT17 winch, and darn near anything else designed for the GS/GSA needing mounted on a tail rack.”

ADVMoto18 (ADVRider)

“I went with the BDCW rear rack. It’s compatible with both seats and allows me to retain the rear grab handles which I find useful. Heavy duty stuff!”

cjmadura (ADVRider)

“A few weeks ago, I returned from a 2-1/2 month, 11K mile ride from Cartagena, Colombia to Ushuaia, Argentina. These racks bolt solidly to the bike.  I am replacing my broken _____ rack with the Black Dog. This is an easy choice.

cwvandy (ADVRIDER)

“I have buddies that run Black Dog and they swear by it. ...these guys ride big bikes into crazy shit here in Arizona.”



Black Dog, you won’t regret it.”

jeepjeff (ADVRIDER)