BDCW - Helo Pad (BMW R1200/1250 GS-LC - 2013+)

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BDCW - Helo Pad (BMW R1200/1250 GS-LC - 2013+)

Our MONSTER-SIZED Helo Pad for the liquid-cooled GS, provides riders with the ultimate way to secure extra gear to their bike.

Whether you need to haul camping gear, extra fuel, or a WARN recovery winch—this extra-large rear rack can handle it all. We named it the “Helo Pad” because it’s almost big enough to land a helicopter!



  • BMW R1200 GS LC Standard (2013-2018)
  • BMW R1200 GS LC Rallye (2 piece seat only)
  • BMW R1250 GS LC Standard (2019+)



Here’s what you need to know about our Helo Pad:

These stout plates are made of 1/4″ aluminum, with generous-sized holes around the perimeter for tie down points. Hard anodized in black for a lasting finish with our logo tastefully laser etched.

This design has several notable unique features and benefits:

  • A solid design that replaces the passenger seat, and occupies the space of our standard Multi-Function Rear Rack.
  • Pre-drilled to carry RotopaX fuel or water containers in 14 possible locations, either lengthwise or across the bike.
  • Pre-drilled to accommodate the WARN XT17 winch carrying plate in two different positions—one towards the front of the bike and another towards the rear (WARN F800GS stow plate model—model #86600 required).
  • Type 2 anodized black for a durable finish.
  • Generous-sized tie down points make strapping items to the rack an easy process.

We strongly recommend using ROK Straps to secure items to your rack/bike. We’ve used ROK Straps for years and consider them the safest, most convenient solution.

Our Helo Pad Multi-Function Rear Rack comes with the ability to mount the RotopaX carriers (for 1, 1.75 and 2 gallon fuel or water containers), as well as the support plate (ordered separately) to carry a WARN XT17 electric winch. Serious adventure riders are quickly seeing the benefit of carrying these lightweight electric winches for recovering a bike off the trail, or simply navigating around an obstacle which would otherwise require a “U-turn” to seek an alternate route.

Hardware and spacers are provided—SIMPLE install—goes on with just four bolts.

The Helo Pad measures approximately 21-inches long x 14-inches wide. This size is compatible with all known SADDLEBAG luggage systems including BMW Vario, Touratech, Hepco-Becker, Jesse, Happy Trails, SW-Motech and Micatech.  This rack is NOT designed to carry a top box.


  • NOT compatible with the 2017 Rallye seat. Does work with Rallye two piece seat.
  • NOT compatible with the stock plastic grab rail.
  • NOT intended to carry a passenger (that would just be cruel!).
  • We have pre-drilled this rack to accommodate the (WARN F800GS stow plate model—model #86600 required.
  • Carrying the RotopaX requires use of their specific mounts—either Standard, Deluxe or Lockable. This rack is pre-drilled to accommodate all of these mounts, as well.