BDCW - Pillion Rack (BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA-LC - 2013+)

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BDCW - Pillion Rack (BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA-LC - 2013+)

Looking for more carrying space on your GS? If so, we have the ULTIMATE elegant and rugged solution that replaces your pillion seat.

This rack creates additional carrying capacity for solo riders by removing the passenger seat and replacing it with a beautifully machined pillion rack. It works especially well with the BDCW Multi-Function Rear Rack for the R1200/1250 GS-LC or GSA-LC.

"Unlike other versions on the market, we intentionally engineered our rack so that it doesn't use the keyed seat release system, which is comprised of primarily plastic components. We found that the stock release doesn't take to the off-road punishment many of our customers give their bikes," says Kurt Forgét of BDCW.

The BDCW design has several notably unique features and benefits making it extremely tough:

• Made of heavy gauge 1/4-inch aluminum.

• Bolts to the FRAME for solid mounting, designed to take a beating while securely hauling your gear.

• Quick and easy removal with four bolts to access storage compartment or replace the passenger seat.

• Generous-sized perimeter holes give the rider multiple tie-down points for their gear.

• Anodized hard black for a durable finish.

• Spacers and stainless steel hardware provided.

• The rack is approximately 12-inches wide x 14-inches long. 


  1. Not compatible with our Helo Pad or our multi-function rear rack for the GS-LC installed in the lower position.
  2. Not compatible with the Rallye long seat. Fits with standard two piece seat on Rallye model
  3. Not compatible with the rear stabilizer bracket for the stock plastic grab handle on the GSLC.
  4. This rack is compatible with all known SADDLEBAG luggage systems including BMW, Touratech, Hepco-Becker, Jesse, Happy Trails, SW-Motech and Micatech.
  5. This rack is NOT pre-drilled for top box applications.