BDCW - Side Stand Relocation Kit (KTM 950/990)

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BDCW - Side Stand Relocation Kit (KTM 950/990)

We NOW offer a 5-Year Warranty on the Bracket!
If you somehow manage to break the bracket, we will replace it.*

Our Version 2.0 is now made of steel instead of aluminum

It continues to amaze us how many KTM 950/990 riders are not aware of the design flaw with the side stand bolt directly to the engine case on these bikes. This is the single most important mod you can do to your bike!!

We feel, and MANY customers agree, our relocation kit is simply the BEST design that addresses this issue (it bolts the side stand directly to the engine case which can result in a cracked case if the side stand is contacted). Our design eliminates this connection to the engine case and uses a 1/4-inch STEEL bracket to secure the side stand, which then bolts to the center stand and skid plate frame.

Includes all necessary hardware.

The advantages of this design over others that are available elsewhere are simple:

  1. Easy to install with four bolts
  2. Keeps the side stand in the stock location
  3. You don’t have to disassemble the side stand safety switch
  4. Compatible with center stand
  5. The look is seamless to the bike
  6. Helps avoid a potential long walk home or VERY expensive repair bill
  7. Compatible with the Black Dog skid plates for both the Adventure and Super Enduro

Simple. Plus, it looks good as it is anodized black with our BDCW logo tastefully etched into it.

Yes, we still recommend this product with our rugged skid plate! It is cheap insurance from a $4,500 broken case!


  • KTM 950 Adventure (standard/R/S)—manufactured in 2005 or after (check the tag on the headstock on the bike—do NOT go by the model year)
  • KTM 990 Adventure (standard/R/S)—all years
  • KTM 950 Super Enduro—all years
  • KTM Adventure 950—manufactured in 2003-2004 (can be used with modification)


  • If you are NOT running a center stand on your 950/990, we offer a Spacer that is used to fill the gap that is normally taken up by the center stand. Please see “related items” below to purchase this spacer. Installing the side stand relocation kit on applications that do not use a center stand will void the warranty on the kit.
  • Not a direct bolt-on for Adventure models MANUFACTURED in 2003 or 2004. Please check your bikes DATE OF MANUFACTURE, do not go by the year on the title. Email us for instructions. Modifying the bracket is not a viable option.
  • KTM Rally Footpegs: Due to the fact that this relocation bracket moves the side stand assembly outward from the frame, it has been reported that there may be some interference between the side stand spring and shifter when using the KTM Rally Footpegs. It will be necessary to grind some material off the shifter to minimize this interference.
  • Does NOT fit the 950SM, 990SM-T or 990 Super Duke.

*Warranty does not cover any damage to the motorcycle itself or the cost of shipping.