BDCW - ULTIMATE Skid Plate 3.0 (KTM 1290SA/T w/side stand relo)

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BDCW -  ULTIMATE Skid Plate 3.0 (KTM 1290SA/T w/side stand relo)

WHY EXPERTS LOVE IT (and Everyone Else Needs It)

BDCW ULTIMATE Skid Plates continue to be the top choice of expert riders, proving their worth in the most rigorous conditions and terrain, worldwide. Think you don’t need this much protection? Think again. It’s while learning to master big bike skills, both on pavement and off road, that the carnage happens. Rocks get kicked up, bikes get dropped and hung up, curbs get in the way, and scrapes and spills are just part of the adventure. And, the ULTIMATE Skid Plate is designed to take all of this abuse—and more. 


Our skid plate fits the following models: 

  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure (2015-16)
  • KTM 1290 Super Adventure T (2017+)does NOT fit the 1290R

NOTE: Because our design relocates the side stand OFF the engine, the side stand switch must be disabled. We include the necessary parts to accomplish this—no additional parts required. 


ENGINE GUARDS—The installation of our skid plate requires the stock KTM crash bars. Does not work with other aftermarket crash bars.
HEADER PIPES—Not compatible with Remus header pipes.


Here at Black Dog Cycle Works we try not to “rest on our laurels,” so when KTM released the new 1090R and 1290R with increased off-road capabilities, we decided to take another hard look at our skid plate for the 1090/1190/1290 models to determine if improvements were necessary. And we did—with the ULTIMATE Skid Plate 3.0 and integrated Side Stand Relocator! While maintaining maximum protection of critical engine components we were able to refine the design to create a sleek lower profile with increased ground clearance, improved airflow and reduced weight.

The number-one priority from the beginning was to relocate the vulnerable side stand OFF the ENGINE CASE! Given our first-hand experience with the 950/990 side stand design, we were baffled when the newer KTM for the side stand design on the 1190/1290 was actually MORE susceptible to engine damage than the 950/990 models. Our comprehensive skid plate design is actually two products in one—a rugged skid plate PLUS a patented side stand relocation kit.

Some may tell you that removing the side stand off the engine is “not necessary” because their skid plate “provides coverage.” If you are willing to gamble on a potential $8,000.00 repair bill, or getting stranded in the back country, that decision is entirely up to you. 

 Click here for a comprehensive explanation of the side stand issue on these bikes.


Comprehensive Engine Coverage
Larger dimensions and stouter construction means your $8,000+ engine has max protection. Plus, it fully protects the clutch, ignition cover, header pipes and catalytic converter—most other brands don’t. Many riders don’t realize a replacement header pipe alone costs $1800 (+ labor).

Integrated Side Stand Relocator
We have removed the kick stand from the engine case, eliminating the risk of a broken engine case from an impact to the side stand! PATENT# US D729128.

Optimized Ground Clearance and Coverage
Sleek, low profile design optimizes the balance between maintaining crush zones, providing excellent ground clearance and reducing the overall profile to minimize impacts

Rear Mounts have 3 Connections Points per side
We have created three mounting points on the frame at the center stand mount, greatly increasing the strength of the rear attachment points while keeping the mounts OFF the engine case.

More Heft = More Protection—3/16-inch (4.76mm) of 5052 Aluminum 
You get what you pay for. And we found the optimal material to protect, perform, and last. In fact, it could outlive your bike. The grade of aluminum we selected is designed to ABSORB impacts, not transfer the force to the mounting points on the bike.

Frame Mounted
Attaches to the frame—NOT the engine. Saves your engine case from potential damage. 

Smooth Bottom for Clearing Obstacles
No holes to snag on rocks or branches.  This plate glides on its own˜right up over most obstacles without bolts, rubber sliders or rivets to catch or break.

Rubber "Shok Blok"
Helps to absorb and disburse force from those huge impacts

Accommodates Stock Center Stand
Eliminates the need for an extra center stand bash plate.

Quick Change Artist—ONE Minute to Remove
Remove just 4 bolts for an oil change / maintenance!

Powder AND Clear Coated
Looks great and takes the punishment that anodized finishes can’t.

Looks Badass on Every Bike
Not that it matters when it’s covered in mud.

Cheap Insurance
Considering the costs of expensive repairs or “extractions” from the backcountry, it’s a bargain!

Made in the U.S.
No bones about it, we manufacture all of our Black Dog products right here in the U.S. It is extremely important to us. We have world class manufacturers in our own back yard and we intend to use them.

Tested and Trusted Worldwide
All of our own products are rigorously tested on our personal bikes BEFORE they’re released. Our innovative and rugged designs are used throughout the world—a fact that we’re very proud of. We make no pretense that we’re the cheapest, but, you can be sure that BDCW products are the best made, and that we stand behind them.


Here's what satisfied BDCW customers and industry editors and experts are saying.


From ADVPulse: Trail Tough KTM 1290 Super Adventure Build

From the Dog Pound (satisfied Black Dog riders):

“What the heck was I thinking when I bought the BDCW KTM 1190 Skid Plate??? I’ll tell you what I was thinking... why didn’t I do it BEFORE going to Moab!!! Then I would not have dented my header pipe! Fortunately, it just took a small hit and is now well protected by the BDCW body armor. I appreciate the workmanship and design of the skid plate and feel so much better when pounding on my 1190. The overall weight and the ease of removal had me concerned, but they were both unfounded. The plate comes off easy and the weight led me to believe it was made by KTM themselves! I held out on the BDCW skid plate until I could swing the added cost because I also wanted the kickstand relocation kit, and a the large coverage area, as I knew that I would have the 1190 for a very long time. So, the added cost divided by the protection and years of ownership made the cost a non-issue. My only disappointment is I waited too long!”—Jim Altonen

"Thanks for making and taking the time to develop great products! Great skid plate! The finish and fit is very nice. I love how easy this will be to take off when doing service work.”—Doug Matson

"Hey, my KTM 1190 skid plate came in today!! Awesome piece! Thanks again and foot pegs are next!

"P.S. Anyone tell you that you have a cool thing going there?  Hopefully making some money, making cool great stuff and getting to test it while doing what you love to do anyway. You guys have your stuff together for sure! Awesome! I know it ain’t always good, but you got an awful lot of happy people out here, please, keep doing what you are doing!"—Chris Jensen

"I installed mine (BDCW KTM 1190 skid plate) the other day, it was fairly easy. The instructions were clear. I also installed the luggage rack, perfect fit and it looks like it will work well. Thanks for the great products."—Mike Letcher,  Rapid City, SD

"Thanks for a fantastic product. This is my first BDCW product and I’m impressed with your attention to detail, very well done. I recently spent some time with the guys from Gateway BMW at their GS Challenge and they spoke highly of your products. Thanks."—Nicholas “Nick” Hein, CO

“I took some very solid hits on a recent RawHyde trip and some local rugged trails in AZ. Thank god for your skid plate or I would have no headers left."—Jason Houle, Pheonix AZ

“BTW, that skid plate is worth its weight in gold! You've gotta see the marks carved into mine (pic attached). Some of those stripes are really deep with a metal curl at the end.”—A. Dale McLean


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