Multi-Function Rear Rack for Aprilia Tuareg 660

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Multi-Function Rear Rack for Aprilia Tuareg 660

Our Multi-Function Rear Rack is the ULTIMATE in versatility, style and durability. ORBDR Tested and APPROVED!


Our NEW industrial strength Multi-Function Rear Rack is a must-have for riders who need to increase the versatility of their Aprilia Tuareg 660. Easily the most rugged rear racks on the market, these stout plates are made of 1/4-inch aluminum, with generous-sized holes around the perimeter for multiple tie down points. And it's hard anodized in black for a lasting finish. In addition, these racks attach to the frame of the bike with super burly Stainless Steel brackets.


  • Aprilia Tuareg 660 (2022+)


Simple Design Bolts to the frame of the bike
Installs in minutes.

Pre-Drilled to Carry RotopaX Fuel or Water Containers in Two Positions
Run the containers either lengthwise or across the bike—whichever suits your purposes better.

NEW Curved design makes accessing the generous tie down holes more easily accessible
A first for Black Dog, this rack features a SMOOTH bend on each side, making it more versatile and compatible with Loop-Style bags.

Anodized Hard Black for a Durable Finish
Hard Anodized Type 3 finish for years of good looks.

Generous-Sized Tie Down Points make Strapping Items to the Rack Easy
We strongly recommend using ROK Straps to secure items to your rack / bike. We′ve used ROK Straps for years and feel they’re the safest, most convenient solution

The "RIGHT" Size that Blends in Seamlessly to the Looks of the Bike
This rack is approximately 14-inches wide x 10.5-inches long.


  • Should be compatible with most pannier racks that use the same mounting points. We ran the Outback Motortek pannier racks on our 660 with no issue.
  • Hardware and spacers are provided.
  • Pre-drilled for RotopaX containers. Carrying the RotopaX requires use of their specific mounts—either Standard, Deluxe or Lockable.This rack is pre-drilled to accommodate all of these mounts, as well.


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