BDCW - Fork Light Mount (BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA-LC - 2013+)

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BDCW - Fork Light Mount (BMW R1200/1250 GS/GSA-LC - 2013+)

NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS FOR THE LIGHT MOUNTS ONLY—Rigid Single Row 6-inch light, wiring harness, amber cover and pendant switch NOT included.

Given how popular our Fork Light Mount has been for adding to the safety and nighttime navigation abilities, we knew this product had to be one of our first releases for the liquid-cooled boxer!

Our innovative billet Fork Light Mount attaches directly to the forks, above the lower fender, on the liquid-cooled BMW R12001250 GS/GSA-LC models. It’s designed to accommodate the Rigid Industries SR-Series 6-inch Light (single row).

Rigid Industries LED lights are available in Hybrid Spot, Flood or Combo patterns and put out 4,700 Lumens. While the Specter PRO version in the driving beam puts out over 7,000 Lumens.

The advantage of the Fork Light Mount, versus typical crash bar-style mounts, is that the light moves with the front wheel—giving you better light in the direction of travel. In addition, due to the location of the light, it is less prone to damage in a tip over.

We recommend and run the Specter pattern on our own bikes for their superior beam pattern and performance!

More information on the Single Row 6-inch Lights from Rigid Industries:

These lights are compact, lightweight but incredibly durable, with the best optics in the business, and very low power draw. The Hybrid Spot optic is great for high-speed running, offering a small pattern that projects VERY far down the road. The Hybrid Flood optic offers a wider pattern better for tight off-road work or as an “early warning” of wildlife skulking in the ditches. The Specter Driving optic provides the best of both worlds—putting out a similar beam as the Dually D2 light—getting far down the road while providing an incredible wash of light that lights up the ditches as well.


  • Made only for the BMW R1200 GS/GSA-LC (2013-2018) and R1250 GS/GSA (2019+)
  • Mounts come in pairs and include all necessary mounting hardware
  • Rigid Industries lights sold separately
  • Compatible with the 2014 factory steering stabilizer
  • Not compatible with the Wunderlich steering stop or Hyperpro Steering Damper
  • Any of these lights are too bright to run with oncoming traffic!