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BDCW's ULTIMATE Skid Plate for the BMW R1200GS/A.

WHY EXPERTS LOVE IT (and Everyone Else Needs It)

BDCW’s ULTIMATE Skid Plates continue to be the top choice for expert riders, proving its worth in the most rigorous conditions and terrain worldwide. Think you don’t need this much protection? Think again. It’s while learning to master big bike skills, both on pavement and off-road, that carnage happens. Rocks get kicked up, bikes get dropped and hung up, curbs get in the way, and scrapes and spills are just part of the adventure. And the ULTIMATE Skid Plate is designed to take all of the abuse—and more.


Black Dog entered the BMW market in 2010, several years after the first R1200GS hit the market. Once we bought this bike we quickly discovered that it needed an ULTIMATE Skid Plate. Nothing on the market met the standards we had established for our plates. This bike had some glaring issues that we quickly identified and remedied with the best plate design to enter the arena.  We took the mounting points off the engine case (yes, BMW and many aftermarket skid plate manufacturers mounted them into the case with rubber shear bolts) with a unique mounting system of a cross bar in the rear across the frame and front mounts that were designed to take the impact of major hits. We topped it off with two rubber Shok-Bloks beneath the engine case to absorb some of the impact. All and all this plate has become the most popular plate with the extreme riders because it stands up to the abuse they give it off road. We also were the first manufacturer to offer replacement parts for a damaged plate instead of having to buy a whole new skid plate.


 This skid plate fits the following models:

  • BMW R1200GS—oil cooled (2005–2012)
  • BMW R1200 GSA—oil cooled (2006–2013)


Compatible with engine bars from BMW, Hepco-Becker, Touratech, SWMotech, Altrider and Wunderlich. If your crash bar manufacturer is not on this list, please email us or call.

Compatible with all popular tank guards.

Compatible with stock and full Remus and Akropovic exhaust systems.  Please contact us if your aftermarket header is not currently listed.


Comprehensive Engine Coverage
Larger dimensions mean your expensive engine has maximum protection. Plus, it fully protects the clutch, ignition cover, header pipes and catalytic converter—most other brands don’t. Other designs leave these completely exposed which can lead to a very expensive repair (the header pipes alone are $1,700 + labor).

Frame Mounted
Skid plate is suspended from frame—isolating the rear of the engine block from impact. Our design does NOT use the stock rubber shear bolts that are threaded into the engine block

More Heft—3/16-inch (4.76mm) of 5052 Aluminum
You get what you pay for. And we found the optimal material to protect, perform, and last. In fact, it may very well outlive your bike. The grade of aluminum we selected is designed to ABSORB impacts, not transfer the force to the mounting points on the bike.

Smooth Bottom for Clearing Obstacles
No holes to snag on rocks or branches. This plate glides on its own—right up over most obstacles without bolts, rubber sliders or rivets to catch or break off.

Unique “Shok-Blok” Protection
Rubber "Shok-Bloks" act as additional shock absorbers against impacts  to the bottom of the plate,  protecting the engine block. This provides extra insurance from damage.

Quick Change Artist
Only six bolts are removed to access oil filter and drain—framework stays in place.

Powder AND Clear Coated
Looks great and takes the punishment that anodized finishes can’t.

Looks "Badass" on Every Bike
Not that it matters when it’s covered in mud.

Cheap Insurance
Considering the costs of expensive repairs or “extractions” from the outback, it’s a bargain!

Made in the U.S.
No bones about it, we manufacture all of our Black Dog products right here in the U.S. It is extremely important to us. We have world class manufacturers in our own back yard and we intend to use them.

Tested and Trusted Worldwide
All of our own products are rigorously tested on our personal bikes BEFORE they’re released. Our innovative and rugged designs are used throughout the world—a fact that we’re very proud of. We make no pretense that we’re the cheapest, but, you can be sure that BDCW products are the best made, and that we stand behind them. 


Check out what satisfied BDCW customers and industry editors and experts are saying.

From the Dog Pound (satisfied Black Dog riders):

“I have your skid plate and platform pegs on my BMW R1200GS Adventure and love them. Thank you for a dependable product. I took your products with me on a 5-month tour last year through Central and South America and I don’t have one complaint. The pegs are so much more comfortable that I find myself standing even on the asphalt for miles on end, and the skid plate has done its job many times and as a bonus it’s simple to remove for oil changes.”—Bruce Hansen

“Summer 2013 on the Utah backcountry discovery route. Me and two buddies traveled the Utah Backcountry Discovery Route (BDR) in the fall of 2013. We all rode BMW R1200GS/GSA bikes. Each of us was equipped with the Black Dog skid plates. I can state for an absolute fact that there would have been no way we would have returned from this trip with conventional skid plates. Our skid plates held up to numerous encounters with rocks and boulders. Thank you for building such a robust product. It is definitely of high-quality and worth the price.”—John Kirkeide

“After the New River Canyon ride I knew I needed to do some maintenance on my BDCW skid plate. The two mounts at the front of the motor were bent and I had spares so I figured let’s swap them out. Jason was installing a new BDCW skid plate for a buddy so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to compare a new one with a slightly ‘abused’ one. The thing that really stuck out to Jason and I was that as beat up and ugly looking my ‘abused’ skid plate was, it still was working exactly as it was designed to. That’s the beauty (in the eye of the beholder, remember?) of this skid plate. It's taken its share of dings and wallops from rocks, boulders, etc...  but, it keeps on ticking! The pictures really show you how it is still structurally sound. You can see that the two front mounts did exactly what they are supposed to do... collapse under great force so they spread the impact. The replacement of these front mounts is easy. I recommend that you keep spares on hand just in case you encounter a big boulder. My BDCW skid plate is approximately 15 months old and it's been abused. It's the single most important piece of protection I have on my GSA. Without it, my GSA would probably still be stuck on Dugas Road, with it I have taken on some of the hardest trails a GSA can tackle.”—Mick Williamson, AZ

“I’m going to start by saying that I’ve been riding off-road for a long time, and have spent more than my share of money on protective equipment for various two-stroke machines over the years. Now, to the real point of this: Your skid plate is hands down, the best in the industry. And like me, I’m sure that you’ve checked out the competition and taken notes. Most of your competitors hide behind a name and price point that gives one the false sense that one is buying the best product for the money, when this is simply not the case. It is obvious from the attention to detail on your plate and mounting hardware, that somebody actually rides out there in Sandpoint, ID, and further, knows how to design a piece of hardware that makes sense, and actually performs as advertised. Last weekend ...I parked my GSA over in the corner of the lot with the other hefty monsters, and when I came out of the dealership, a small crowd had gathered around my bike. I knew what they were looking at before any of them said a word. They couldn’t believe the “bad-ass” plate hanging underneath. Well, I sang the praises of Black Dog and announced that any BMW so equipped would now be safe from the gravel roads of VT.... As I mentioned, I’m really after the sump and pipe protection aspect of your plate, with regard to flying debris off the front wheel. But, I have no doubt that the plate would go a long way to preventing disaster off the beaten path....In closing, I’ll say that your skid plate is worth every penny. The fit and finish are the best I’ve seen in 25 years of riding off road. Thanks again for building something worth buying. Those guys in Germany could learn something-not just the ones working at the Bayeriche Motoren Werke either.”—Dave Lena, Cambridge, VT

“Hey Kurt. So the skid plate did its job once again at Hell Week. I can’t thank you enough!”—Bill Dragoo, Norman Oklahoma

“Just want to let you know I am very happy with the products I bought for my new R1200GS—the bash plate is excellent. My 3,000 km trip in Queensland was all good. Nothing like being in the middle of nowhere in Australia."—Peter Keating

"I received my BDCW skid plate yesterday—just about floored by its weight-Impressed by its workmanship.... I feel more confident knowing your product is protecting my GS from the those off road forays now."—Buddy Scauzzo, CA

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    Awesome addition to an awesome MC

    Posted by Rob on Jul 18th 2018

    So I finally got the chance to really test this skid plate now that summer is here. Easy to follow installation instructions and looks great on my machine. I was out on a decommission road in the Rocky Mountains and essentially bottomed our the bike into a massive rock. To say the least the bang concerned me until I looked at the skid plate and there was like nothing - maybe a little scuff. I highly recommend this product if you are taking your bike off the road most travelled and into what I call the fun stuff.