BDCW - Helo Pad (Yamaha T7) - v2

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BDCW - Helo Pad (Yamaha T7) - v2

Our new Version 2 is now wider with angled sides to be more user friendly for the popular loop-style luggage
like the MoskoMoto Reckless 40/80. Some prototype photos shown.
Production version will be Type 3 Black Anodized

Our Multi-Function Helo Pad is the ULTIMATE in versatility and style and includes well thought out features not found with other manufacturers. By replacing the passenger seat  this rack provides a HUGE solid surface for carrying more gear.


Our NEW industrial-strength Helo Pad is a must-have for riders who need to increase the versatility of their Yamaha Tenere 700. Easily the most rugged rear rack on the market, these stout plates are made of 1/4-inch aluminum, with generous-sized holes around the perimeter for multiple tie-down points. And it's hard anodized in black for a lasting finish. For added convenience, this Helo Pad, attaches and is removed from the bike using the keyed seat release mechanism.

Our "Helo Pad" replaces the passenger seat and attaches quickly to the seat locking mechanism. It is support by the frame with rubber bushing making it a very solid platform 


  • YAMAHA TENERE 700 (T7) (2020+)


Removes in Seconds
Secures into the passenger seat mechanism and is supported by the frame.

Rugged Construction
Made from 1/4" 6061 Aluminum, this Helo Pad is made to provide a great platform for carrying extra gear.

Pre-Drilled to Carry RotopaX Fuel or Water Containers in several positions
Run the containers either lengthwise or across the bike—whichever suits your purposes better.

Anodized Hard Black for a Durable Finish
Hard Anodized Type 3 finish for years of good looks.

Generous-Sized Tie Down Points make Strapping Items to the Rack Easy
We strongly recommend using ROK Straps to secure items to your rack / bike. We′ve used ROK Straps for years and feel they’re the safest, most convenient solution.

The "RIGHT" Size Blends in Seamlessly to the Look of the Bike
20 inches long and 12 inches wide, the BDCW Helo Pad provides a solid base for transporting gear for your next adventure.


  • Hardware and spacers are provided.
  • Carrying the RotopaX requires use of their specific mounts—either Standard, Deluxe or Lockable.This rack is pre-drilled to accommodate all of these mounts, as well.